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May 2013

Preaching at the Crossroads: 2013 Celebration of Biblical Preaching

The world keeps changing at a rapid pace. We scroll through pages on an e-reader instead of leafing through books. We can connect with someone across the globe in less time than it would take to walk to our neighbor's. Nearly everyone carries a phone, but when did you last see a pencil behind an ear?

It is in this rapidly changing context that we are called to preach the gospel. At this crossroads where the eternal Word meets our changing world, it makes good sense to ask: what shall we say, and how shall we say it?

The 2013 Celebration of Biblical Preaching: Preaching at the Crossroads is an opportunity to engage with renowned and beloved speakers and preachers on these very questions. Keynote speakers Grace Imathiu, David Lose, Thomas Long, Brian McLaren and Phyllis Tickle will explore with participants what it is to live and preach at the crossroads of ancient tradition and modern technology, of the local congregation and the global village and of a timeless promise and a transient culture.

As always, the Celebration of Biblical Preaching will be a time for pastors and preachers to reflect on their ministry and be creatively inspired in order to return to their work reenergized for the task of proclaiming the Good News. Preaching at the Crossroads will be held Oct. 7-9 at Luther Seminary.

This year, a number of other exciting opportunities are offered in conjunction with the Celebration. The evening of Oct. 7, participants may purchase tickets to a dinner buffet, followed by a conversation about "The Future of the Church" with Phyllis Tickle, Brian McLaren and David Lose. The conversation is open to the public. The afternoon of Oct. 9, participants are invited to register for one of two KAIROS courses. The first course, offered by Matthew Skinner, looks at the Revised Common Lectionary with a focus on the Gospel of Matthew in Year A. The second course, offered by Craig Koester, Karoline Lewis and Rolf Jacobson, looks at the Narrative Lectionary with a focus on the Gospel of John for Christmas 2013-Spring 2014.

More information on the Celebration of Biblical Preaching and these concurrent events, including online registration, is available at

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