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March 2014

Waiting with anticipation and delight

We have entered the season of Lent. There are many ways to live out this season. I don't know what Lenten emphases color your life these days, but I know how I'm experiencing Lent this year: I'm looking forward!

Among other things, Lent is traditionally a time of waiting, leading up to the crescendo of Holy Week and Easter. There are many ways to wait, of course. When something or someone is coming into your life, you can wait passively, thoughtfully, fearfully, expectantly, patiently, hopefully, pensively—or in a host of other ways.

At Luther Seminary—at least from my vantage point—we are waiting. Although this past year has been crammed full of significant activity, we are waiting: waiting for a new curriculum to launch, waiting for a new president to be called and waiting for patterns of a "new normal" to emerge in our life together.

As we wait, the image in my head is of a bouncy little girl. It was a sunny summer day, and my parents were scheduled to come for a visit. We were doing all the things a household does in preparation for a visit, and each of our children had assigned tasks. The "active waiting" was going well, until one child was missing. We looked all over, and finally found her down the street waiting at the corner of the block. Full of anticipation, excitement and delight, she was poised at the place where she could "see them as soon as they come."

As I anticipate the next chapters of Luther Seminary's life and mission, I have a little girl in mind, waiting at the corner for the wonderful things to come. I invite you to join me in this holy and hopeful season of waiting.

Take care,

Rick Foss

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