October 2013

October brings beauty and possibility

October is a beautiful, busy month.

It is busy. Classes are in full swing, campus events are tightly scheduled and activities abound. It's a bit like the bustling October rhythms of a vital congregation, which many of you experience and enjoy.

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Building on a family legacy

"I think that every pastor we've had in some way has shaped our faith journey," reflect Lee and Joe Mogen. "Each pastor comes with certain gifts that they pass on to you that you can learn from."

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Working Preacher reaching new audiences through YouTube

Luther Seminary is reaching new audiences through its free preaching resource, WorkingPreacher.org, and its related YouTube channel. WorkingPreacher.org has garnered 1.95 million visits over the last 12 months and continues to grow by 30 percent annually.

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Tell a future leader you know about Dokimazo!

Dokimazo is a Greek word meaning "to test, to discern, to approve." It's our way of saying: "Come and see what God has in store for you."

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