June 2014

The promise of the Holy Spirit

It seems very fitting that my first day of service, June 1, was on a Sunday. The message in church that morning was the Acts 1 account of the promise of the Holy Spirit at the Ascension of Jesus. I have sensed the blessing and promise of God's Holy Spirit at Luther Seminary through the thoughtful, gifted leadership of Rick Foss as he so ably led the seminary through tough waters. He has been gracious and kind to me in enabling a very smooth transition.

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Equipping future leaders for your community

The Bible is the primary textbook in all courses at Luther Seminary. As the world and church continue to evolve and change around us, it is all the more important that our students remain anchored in God's word.

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Luther Seminary is now offering a new Master of Arts degree!

With an emphasis on Studies in Lutheran Ministries, this new degree will meet the needs of affiliate students and will provide an educational pathway for people already in or interested in ELCA ministry.

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Explore year-round stewardship

For most churches, stewardship is a year-round reality that includes so much more than money management. Why is it, then, that so many congregations only address it as a budgetary concern during a few short weeks each year?

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Rethink faith formation

In a world with varied faith traditions, cultural identities and religious experiences, it can be difficult to foster a distinctly Christian identity within a congregation. Join us July 23-25 for Rethinking Faith Formation.

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