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May 2011

The architecture of mission

Can architecture actually give shape to mission? We are renovating the Olson Campus Center this summer. Good architecture shapes a community in significant ways. So how will this building shape our community for mission?

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Presidential Scholarship allows Katy Warren to prepare to make ministry happen

For Master of Divinity senior Katy Warren, being awarded a presidential scholarship was the final affirmation of her call to attend seminary.

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Register today for Faith Formation 20/20

Faith formation in the 21st century will require new principles, models, approaches and technologies.
Join us for a unique learning event sponsored by the Center for Children, Youth and Family Ministry at Luther Seminary.

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Save the date! Third annual Celebration of Biblical Preaching!

Join us for the 2011 Celebration of Preaching, where our theme is Preaching on the Edge. Will Willimon, Walter Bruegemann, Raphael Warnock, Mary Hinkle Shore and Doug Pagitt will lead us in exploring what it takes to proclaim the gospel with equal measures of faith and creativity in a changed and changing world changed and changing world.

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Celebrate the faithful ministries of Luther Seminary alumni/ae

Nominate a particularly inspirational graduate you know for the Faithfulness in Ministry Award! The Luther Seminary Alumni/ae Council annually recognizes ...

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Book of Faith Jubilee inspires everyday people to engage the Bible

From April 29-May 1, congregational leaders, both lay and clergy, gathered to discuss their Book of Faith. Plenary presentations, conversation among peers ...

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Luther Seminary donor works to bring fresh water to Africa

When his high school classmates predicted as part of their senior-year "prophecies" that he would go to Africa, Ed Scharlau took it as a compliment, but ...

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Blessings 2011: Donors and students share thanks

On May 5, more than 200 donors and students gathered for the Blessings event at Luther Seminary. Blessings is an annual opportunity for scholarship donors ...

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From Ethiopia to America, family called to mission work

As a 13-year-old growing up in Ethiopia, Destaye Crawford already felt called to be a missionary.

"At a young age I was so touched, moved and impressed ...

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Faculty Book Recommendation

Alan Padgett, professor of systematic theology, suggests "Surprised by Meaning: Science, Faith and How We Make Sense of Things" (Westminster John Knox Press, ...

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