March 2012

I'm evangelical!

What do we mean by embracing our identity as 'evangelical? A public evangelical leader is one who is called by the church to provide leadership by giving voice to the gospel of Jesus Christ ...

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Love All Around the World III concert benefits GMI

Five classically trained musicians will graciously donate their time and talents to offer the third annual benefit concert for the Global Mission Institute, Love All Around the World

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Ensure strong church leadership for future generations

Gordon and Dee Sprenger recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their family, which includes 12 grandchildren. In their years together, the Sprengers have given everything to their family—including ensuring a legacy of good preaching.

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Luther Seminary graduate launches Living Lutheran Creed

While driving one day, Meta Herrick Carlson, a 2008 Luther Seminary graduate who is currently a pastor at Zion Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, saw a homeless man holding a sign at the exit of the freeway. It gave her an idea. What if, instead of seeing someone holding a cardboard sign that represented scarcity, Lutherans took to the streets with cardboard signs expressing abundance?

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