February 2013

Lent: A season of reality-based hope

We are in the season of Lent. It is a season of preparation, active waiting, reflection, discipline, repentance and hope. I have always had mixed feelings about the Lenten season. On the one hand, it seems a bit somber. On the other hand, Lent leads to the sure and certain promise of Easter. The dark days of Lent are given new life in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Scholarship supports student's dreams for ministry

The Presidential Scholarship enables Mariel Vinge to pursue her her call with creative vision, relief and new dreams for ministry.

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Telling the Old, Old Story in a New, New Way

There was a time when the church could assume that the people it was trying to reach already knew the Christian story. Evangelism meant framing the Christian message in a relevant light. Today, many in the church aren't familiar with aspects of the Bible or the Christian story.

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Spring luncheon explores early church

As the days lengthen and the temperature rises, the Luther Seminary community knows that means the Spring Luncheon is approaching. This year's theme is "That's in Turkey? Who Knew? The Cradle of the Early Church."

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Refer a Christian public leader

Who do you know is being called by God to ministry? As we strive to deliver on our mission, we need your partnership more than ever in identifying future Christian public leaders.

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