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October 2012

Working preachers thank

Rebecca and Todd Iverson, two working preachers from northern Wisconsin, wrote to David Lose, Karoline Lewis, Rolf Jacobson and Matt Skinner at to thank them for producing quality podcasts and essays that help them prepare each Sunday to preach the gospel message to their congregations.

The Iversons are avid listeners of the Sermon Brainwave podcast, and dedicated readers of the website's scholarly commentary and insight by respected theologians from around the world. "Preaching becomes easier for me when I can prepare by hearing the reflections of others who also wrestle with the texts. The combination of scholarly deliberation with practical experience creates a balance that brings the gospel message alive," says Rebecca. "They are not afraid to be honest about the difficulty of interpreting some texts, and that makes space for me to struggle with the Scriptures without getting too caught up in trying to perfect my message."

"I'm also reading the narrative lectionary series even though I am not regularly preaching on it," says Todd. "It keeps me engaged in the Scriptures in other ways that inform my preaching on the revised common lectionary."

The Iversons first supported Working Preacher in celebration of their wedding. At Rebecca's installation in her new call, she designated the offering from that service to Working Preacher. "Gifts can be made to celebrate other important occasions, like baptisms and confirmations too," she says. "It is very rewarding to support something that helps you be a better pastor."

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Working Preacher is getting ready for a new look

Working Preacher is looking forward to a newly redesigned website, which will further increase its value to preachers and all who study the Scriptures. If you would like to receive update regarding the relaunch, sign up here.

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