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November 2012

First Third Dialogues ask: Why Can't My Church Be More Like Camp?

Why Can't My Church Be More Like Camp? That's what kids ask all the time when they come back from camp. Great question, isn't it? 

Luther Seminary's First Third Dialogue tradition, will dig into this topic from both theological and experiential perspectives with two presentations and lots of opportunity for conversations to stretch your thinking.

The presenters will be YouthFront's Mike King, a lifelong camp director who has moved his campers' experiences in profoundly new directions; and Paul Hill, president of Lutheran Outdoor Ministries and a great student of all things CAMP. But the discussion won't be staying at camp. The goal is to help churches address youth with the same kind of connectedness they get at camp.

Join us Nov. 26-27 at Luther Seminary for The Power of Immersion Learning in Faith Formation, our latest First Third Dialogue. Register now at

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