weLcome Students

Thank you for your interest in student employment. We seek to make all student work on campus both interesting and meaningful. With a wide array of positions available, we aim to provide flexible job opportunities that we hope will enrich your experience at Luther.

Information & Resources

Application Process:

Applying for student employment at Luther is fast and easy when utilizing our online application. Simply fill out the online form and hit send. Your application will then be forwarded to the hiring manager for your selected positions. For further information on becoming a student employee, please see the Helpful Documents section below for additional reference material.

Remember: It's always a good idea to update your resume and update your references before applying for employment.

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Background Checks:

Some job opportunities on campus require a clear background check to be on file before a student is eligible to apply. These positions will clearly denote the need for a background check within the job posting under Job Requirements. Please ensure you have a background check on file before applying. If you are unsure whether or not you have a background check on file, please contact the Associate Dean of Students.

Confidentiality Agreements

Similar to Background Checks, some job opportunities on campus may require you to sign adiditional confidentialilty agreements.

  • FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act): Every faculty and staff member who comes into contact with educational records must protect the privacy of those records, maintaining compliance with federal law.

Helpful Documents:

IMportant Forms:

  • I9 List of Acceptable Documents--
    This form outlines the necessary documents you must present to complete the I9 form required for employment in the United States of America.
  • Direct Deposit Form--
    Providing your banking details on this form allows us to deposit your pay directly in to the account(s) of your choice, eliminating the need for a physical paycheck, reducing our carbon footprint. Please consult your financial institution to verify all routing and account numbers.
  • W4 Tax Form--
    When filling out this form you are notifying the government of tax deductions to your pay, typically decided by marital status and/or number of dependents. To find out more about your eligible deductions, please utilize the government provided calculator available online.