Karoline M. Lewis
Associate Professor of Biblical Preaching and The Alvin N. Rogness Chair of Homiletics

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PR 0510 50FOUNDATIONS OF BIBLICAL PREACHING Spring Semester 2014-2015

Proclaiming the gospel reveals the word of God incarnated in the world and in the life and ministry of Christian communities. This course introduces the fundamentals of biblical preaching with the primary goal of helping students integrate their own unique voice with how biblical texts connect to the daily life of faith. By nurturing the skills of effective and moving communication - including faithful biblical interpretation, consideration of the role of the sermon in congregational worship, use of language and imagery, and embodied delivery - this course helps students develop interpretive, creative, theological, homiletical, and practical disciplines that will inform and shape their preaching and lay the groundwork for lifelong learning and discovery. Close attention is given to how biblical preaching equips discipleship, forms communities eager to engage the Bible, and empowers witness in the world. Prerequisite: SG0701 or SG0702

PR 4559 01 F6PUBLIC SPEAKING-PUBLIC VOICE-SPEECHSpring Semester 2014-2015

A call to ministry invites and compels imagination about one’s vocation as a public theologian. This course is an introduction to the primary skills of oral communication, the principles of rhetoric, and the various kinds of discourse and speaking techniques necessary for effective public speaking and leadership. Designed both for students with little public speaking background as well as those wanting to hone their communication skills, this course will encourage students to identify strengths and areas of growth in delivery, to discover and develop their unique voice for the sake of incarnational ministry, and to gain confidence in their ability to articulate their own theological thinking.

PR 4561 01WOMEN IN MINISTRY Spring Semester 2014-2015

This course engages critical reflection on the practice of ministry in light of current feminist theory and theology, feminist biblical interpretation, issues of gender, and the very real experiences women face when entering various roles in the church. Presentations and discussions will focus on leadership skills and strengths in conversation with contemporary feminist and gender studies, the authority and office of the clergy, women’s roles in past and present ecclesial structures, sexism, and constructions of power in the church.

Speaking Topics:

Karoline M. Lewis is available to speak at your congregation's event or adult forum on the following topics. For other faculty and staff resources, visit our Online Resource Guide

  • A Samaritan and a Savior: One Woman's Encounter with Jesus
  • Bible Basics
  • Christmas in John's Gospel
  • Getting to Know Paul, the Pastor
  • How the Bible Came to Be
  • How to Read the Bible
  • John's Story of Jesus
  • Paul: Apostle, Pastor, Prophet
  • Recovering the Wonder of the Bible
  • Seven Steps Towards Vital Preaching
  • The Beginning of the Good News... Getting to know the Gospel of Mark
  • The Bible as the Word of God
  • The Book of Revelation: Final Tribulation or Testament to Hope?
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls
  • The Gospel According to Luke
  • The Passion Narratives: Seven Last Words of Jesus
  • Top Ten Things You Need to Know When Reading the New Testament
  • Translating the Bible: What Bible Should I Read?
  • Two Encounters: Jesus' Response to Two Women and What it Means for Us
  • Why We Don't Read the Bible and Why We Should
  • Wine, Water Jars and the Witness: The Women of John's Gospel
  • Women Leading: biblical Perspectives on the Femininity of Power


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Ph.D.Emory University
Atlanta, GA
M.Div.Luther Seminary
St. Paul, MN
B.A.Northwestern University
Evanston, IL


Karoline M. Lewis joined the Luther Seminary faculty as assistant professor of biblical preaching in 2007. She has held adjunct faculty positions at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Candler School of Theology in Atlanta and Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Ga. She was also adjunct faculty in the Bible division at Luther Seminary from 1994 to 1995 and in 2006.

Ordained in the Evangelical Lutheran



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