Kathryn M. Schifferdecker
Associate Professor of Old Testament and Chair of Bible Division

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651-641-3227    BH 100

Curriculum Vitae for Kathryn M. Schifferdecker


SG 0601 50 C1VOCATIONAL FORMATION-LEARNING LDR ISpring Semester 2014-2015

This section intended for students in the MA DL cohorts and MDIV cohorts who cannot fit other sections into their schedules.

SG 0601 50 C2VOCATIONAL FORMATION-LEARNING LDR ISpring Semester 2014-2015

This section is intended for Cohort 8 of the MDiv DL program.

SG 0702 01SCRIPTURE AND ITS WITNESSES - II Spring Semester 2014-2015

An inquiry into the Old and New Testaments as Christian scripture and the Bible's multiple ways of presenting the nature of God and God's commitments to the world and its peoples. Students develop a nuanced outlook of the Bible as a whole as they gain experience identifying how several theological ideas receive different expression in the scriptures at different times in the history of Israel and the church. Small discussion groups provide weekly opportunities to interpret several books from the Old and New Testaments in greater depth while attending to those books' connections to other parts of scripture. Students consider how they lead others in making sense of the Bible in light of their current realities and for the sake of exploring and articulating their Christian faith. The course brings students' cultural contexts into conversation with the Bible and emphasizes how understanding the Bible requires them to engage other biblical interpreters as essential conversation partners. Prerequisite: SG0701 Scripture and Its Witnesses I (or OT1110 or NT1210-NT1213)


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Th.D.Harvard University, The Divinity School
M.Div.Yale University, The Divinity School
New Haven, CT
B.A.St. Olaf College
Northfield, MN


Kathryn M Schifferdecker came to Luther Seminary as an assistant professor of Old Testament in 2006, after serving the school as an adjunct instructor the previous year.

Ordained in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America in 2001, Schifferdecker was associate pastor for five years at Trinity Lutheran Church, Arkdale, Wisc., before coming to Luther.

A summa cum laude graduate of St. Olaf College,



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