Mary E. Hess
Professor of Educational Leadership and Chair of Leadership Division

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I have a fairly eclectic set of interests that span the gamut from arcane academic discussions of cultural studies to pop culture vegging. My current research project [] seeks to understand the ways in which religious educators might constructively meet the challenges posed by media culture. You can also find papers I've written, as well as portions of my dissertation, entitled Media Literacy in Religious Education: Engaging Popular Culture to Enhance Religious Experience

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Ph.D.Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA
M.T.S.Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
B.A.Yale University
New Haven, CT


Mary Hess joined the Luther Seminary faculty in July of 2000. Hess received her B.A. degree in American Studies in 1985 from Yale University in New Haven, Conn. She received her M.T.S. degree in 1992 from Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. In 1998, she received her Ph.D. in religion and education from Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Mass.

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