Paul S. Berge
Professor Emeritus of New Testament

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Speaking Topics:

Paul S. Berge is available to speak at your congregation's event or adult forum on the following topics. For other faculty and staff resources, visit our Online Resource Guide

  • Studies in Paul: Galatians, Philippians
  • Studies in the Gospel, or Letters of John
  • Studies in the Synoptics: Matthew, Mark, or Luke



John 6:1--71--The Bread Which Gives Life to the World
Word & World 5/3 (1985) 311--320. (Texts in Context)
The Beginning of the Good News: The Epiphany Gospels in Mark and John
Word & World 17/1 (1997) 94--101. (Texts in Context)
The Historic Episcopate: Not Essential for the Office of the Ministry
Word & World 7/4 (1987) 403, 405. (Face to Face)
The Word of Life in the Witness of the Cross
Word & World 8/2 (1988) 179-186. (Texts in Context)


M.Th. and Th.D.Union Theological Seminary
Richmond, Va.
1964, 1973
B.D.Luther Theological Seminary
St. Paul, Minn.
B.A.St. Olaf College
Northfield, Minn.


Paul Berge joined the Luther Seminary faculty in the New Testament department in 1973 and was named professor in 1984, the same year he was appointed director of the master of arts degree program. He had been a teaching fellow in Greek at Union Theological Seminary in 1972-73.

Ordained in 1964, he was a pastor of Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Montevideo, Minn., before becoming a United States Air



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