Steven D. Paulson
Professor of Systematic Theology

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651-641-3461    GH 305

Curriculum Vitae for Steven D. Paulson


ST 0415 50TRIUNE GOD AND WORLD-GOD THE CREATOSpring Semester 2014-2015

This course provides instruction and practice in theologically-based practical reasoning for ministerial contexts, including a comprehensive, coherent presentation of the articles of faith, and cultivating theological imagination in view of communities and neighbors through current questions, challenges to faith, and awareness of diverse contexts. Each class will focus on a particular article of the creed or related Christian doctrines for the practices of ministry. Focus: GOD THE CREATOR

ST 2470 01 S6STEWARDSHIP AND THE POOR Spring Semester 2014-2015

The theology of gift and good works in light of the Christian teaching of stewardship in church and world. Special emphasis on how to encourage stewardship for the poor in Christian congregations.

Speaking Topics:

Steven D. Paulson is available to speak at your congregation's event or adult forum on the following topics. For other faculty and staff resources, visit our Online Resource Guide

  • God's Hiding Places: How God Hides -- Why and Where
  • Luther's Three Dramatic Days: His Marriage, Trial, and Death
  • My Favorite Heretics: Who They Are and Why They Keep Coming Back


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Th.D.Lutheran School of Theology
Chicago, IL
M.Th.Lutheran School of Theology
Chicago, IL
M.Div.Luther Seminary
St. Paul, MN
B.A.St. Olaf College
Northfield, MN


Steven Paulson joined the Luther Seminary faculty as associate professor of systematic theology in the fall of 1998 after serving as assistant professor of religion at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn., where he had been since 1993.

He was pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Washington Island, Wis., from 1990 to 1993. His experience also includes two years of work as a research librarian at JKM



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