Faculty Retirements

Dr. Charles Amjad-Ali

Dr. Charles Amjad-Ali has retired from his position as the Martin Luther King Jr. Professor of Justice and Christian Community. He served at Luther Seminary for 16 years. A highly influential voice for justice and equality, he is now headed to South Africa to take up the (Archbishop) Desmond

Dr. Paul Westermeyer

Dr. Paul Westermeyer retired in June from his position as professor of church music. He served at Luther for 23 years. He has given much to the Luther community and to the church in general in terms of music and the study of its function in religion.

Paul Westermeyer is Emeritus Professor of Church Music

Dr. Roland Martinson

Dr. Roland Martinson has retired from his position as dean of academics. He has served the Luther community for 36 years. He has been extremely influential in the field of children, youth, and family ministry and leaves behind an excellent legacy for future religious leaders.

We thank Dr. Martinson for

Dr. Gracia Grindal

Dr. Gracia Grindal retired from her position in June as professor of rhetoric. She served at Luther Seminary for 30 years. She has contributed greatly to the Luther community and also to the larger world of church music and hymnody. 

We thank Dr. Grindal for her service and wish her the best in

Dr. Terry Fretheim

Dr. Terry Fretheim retired this past June as Elva B. Lovell Professor of Old Testament. He served at Luther Seminary for 47 years. He is a prolific author, having written several books not only about the Bible, but also about God's interaction with the world and care of the people in it.

We thank Dr.

Dr. Fred Gaiser

Dr. Fred Gaiser retired this past June after 40 years of service as professor of Old Testament and editor of Word and World. He has served in many roles at Luther Seminary and has done a wonderful job of educating the next generation of religious leaders. 

We thank Dr. Gaiser for his service