Financial Aid 

The Office of Financial Aid, located in NW120, provides students with the financial resources necessary to achieve their educational goals.  We are committed to providing accurate, responsive and respectful service to students.  We administer scholarships, grants, federal and institutional loans in accordance with applicable policies and regulations while striving to be an innovative and service-minded department.  The financial aid program assists in making it possible for qualified students to receive an education at Luther Seminary.

All students admitted to a degree program, currently in good academic standing, and who meet the minimum course requirements are eligible for financial aid. Financial aid is allocated for the nine-month academic year. Limited financial aid is available for summer.

Financing is a Partnership

  • Luther Seminary - Through our endowment, the generous gifts of our supporters and faithful stewardship of our resources, it is our goal to make your education affordable.
  • Student - You after all are ultimately responsible for making sure that all your financial obligations are met; managing your resources in a manner that allows you to maximize your experience while seeking out other opportunities for funding.
  • Your home congregation - While it is not a requirement that your congregation provide financial resources for you education, it is our hope that with your assistance they come to realize the part they play in helping us meet the need of the greater church beyond their doors.
  • Denomination - You should be in contact with your national and local church organizations to determine if they have a program for helping you fund your education. In the ELCA that assistance comes in the generous support to our general budget from church headquarters and various synods.
  • Others - Their are many organizations that provide scholarship assistance to students pursuing a seminary education. Many of these might be right in your home community. You can see a list of entities that we have identified by using the "other scholarship" link on this page.

military/veterans benefits

Eligibility criteria and benefit amounts vary for VA programs from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (USDVA). Click here to receive an explanations of the specifics such as: monthly stipends, eligibility periods, financial aid criteria, and any other documentation required to receive benefits.

 The Registrar's office at Luther Seminary is the location to direct forms and receive answers to specific questions.

The Cost of Seminary

The cost for seminary is based on tuition, books, living expenses, transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses you may have during the time it takes for you to complete your degree. Tuition is charged on a per course basis. Most degree programs require 18-30 courses for completion. Living expenses vary based on individual need and preference. Click here for more information.(Current costs may be found here)

Paying for Seminary & Finding Scholarships

Paying for seminary can be overwhelming, but remember you're not doing this on your own. Luther Seminary has several options to keep your costs low through its scholarship and grant programs. In addition to the funds available through Luther Seminary, we encourage each student to invite his/her home congregation and home synod or adjudicatory to partner in paying for seminary. It is common for a congregation to support a seminary student with prayer and financial support. While work and study requires a delicate balance of time, it is common for students to work an on-campus job while taking courses. Luther Seminary also keeps a list of scholarships that some of our students have received.

Luther Seminary offers several scholarships (Click here for more information) through the admissions process.  We also maintain a list of scholarships that some of our students have received in the past from outside sources.  (Current outside scholarships)

Applying for Financial Aid

For most students the application process consists of two steps. The first, which everyone must complete, is the Luther Seminary Financial Aid Application. The second, if you want to be considered for any type of loan, would be to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Further Details can be found at: Application Process

Completing the FAFSA

If you want to be considered for Federal Student Loans or the Luther Seminary Mourer Loan you must complete the FAFSA. Even if you are not considering student loans we still recommend that you complete the FAFSA. Your situation may change over the course of the year, and when we have a completed form we can respond quickley  if an emergency arises.  Further, our office receives gifts throughout the year designated to students with high need. If we have the FAFSA information, we can compare your situation to other similar students. Our advice is to always complete the FAFSA. Complete FAFSA Now!

Receiving Your Financial Aid Money

Luther Seminary typically pays students their grant/scholarship/loan funds approximately one month into each semester. If a student completes their financial aid application after we have paid for the term, then they would usually receive their aid approximately a week after their aid. Payments from congregations and other sources are applied to student accounts as the funds are received at Luther. Typically the business office requires any outstanding balances to be paid before they will release funds to a students. Luther Seminary grants/scholarships and all loans are applied directly to student accounts. 

Deferring Your Student Loans

You must be enrolled at least half-time to defer your student loans. At Luther Seminary, taking 1.5 courses/semester or more, attending CPE, or Internship will qualify you for a deferment. To defer your student loan, contact the holder of your loan(s) to request a deferment form. The form must then be completed by you and given to the Registrar's office for authentication.  Luther Seminary does not participate in the federal student loan clearinghouse.