Other Scholarships

There are many other sources of financial assistance. The two most common are:

Congregational Assistance - While it is not a requirement that a student's congregation provide assistance, it may be an expectation in some judicatories. Students should contact their congregations as soon as they have an idea of when they will be attending Seminary. Luther Seminary can provide assistance in writing a request to each congregation that a student may be affiliated with. Request forms may be found on our website.

Synod Assistance - While the Seminary does receive generous assistance from the synods of the ELCA, very little of it comes in the form of direct tuition support. Students still should contact their synods about possible financial aid options

Other Sources

Their are many organizations that provide scholarship assistance to students pursuing a seminary education. Many of these might be right in your home community. You can see a list of entities that we have identified by navigating to the following links.

Please be aware that while many of these scholarship sites are free - they may be collecting your information for marketing purposes. As with any website that you are not familiar with, do not give out personal financial information or data such as your social security number or bank account numbers. You should also NEVER pay for a scholarship search. The best ones are always free. If you have any problems or receive any questionable requests from any of the sites listed here please inform our office at finaid@luthersem.edu.

Information on Scholarship Scams