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Student Accounts

Timing and notification

Charges for tuition, fees, on campus rent for the semester and any other costs will be invoiced to a student’s account at the beginning of the term and adjusted if necessary the day following the add/drop date. All financial aid received from Luther (grants, scholarships and loans) will then be applied to a student’s account the day after charges have been assessed. Exception: January-term charges will be assessed at the beginning of the J-term; however, aid will be combined with and applied at the same time as Spring term aid.

For those students receiving federal loans, an email will be sent to each student advising when the funds have been posted.

Refunds/overage funds

If a student is eligible for distribution (refund) of overage funds (received from grants, institutional funds, loans or outside support), a check will automatically be issued and mailed to the student address on file on the 11th calendar day after funds are received. An email can be sent to the Business Office,, before the 10th day if the following applies:

  1. Funds are needed before that date
  2. Request that funds remain on account for future charges*; or
  3. The check is to be sent to a different address (interns).  If any or all loan funds are to be returned to the holder of the loan, an email must be sent to the financial aid office at 

* All accounts with a credit balance will be cleared and any overage of funds will be distributed to the student before the end of the fiscal year (June 30). 

If a student has a balance owing on an account and s/he is requesting a payment plan, s/he must make arrangements with the Business Office for this to be approved. This includes monthly rent payments. Residential students must visit the Business Office in person. Interns or Distributed Learning students can contact the Business Office via email.

Outstanding balance

In order to register for classes for the next term, a student account must reflect a zero balance or have an approved repayment plan in place. As soon as charges and payments are applied to accounts as noted above, holds will be placed on accounts with an outstanding balance and students will be notified via email. A student is to assume the responsibility to ensure there is not an outstanding balance on their account before registration occurs. To view your student account and  learn how to pay your account online, log in to MyLuthernet, click on Resources, click on Helpful links, and then click on My Bill Pay.

Outside support

If a student is expecting outside support (congregation/synod, etc) for expenses incurred at Luther Seminary, understand this is an arrangement between the student and them; Luther is a third party only, therefore, payment is expected as specified above.

Textbook purchases

Textbooks can be purchased from the Luther Seminary Bookstore; however, please pre-order 2-4 weeks before classes start. A very limited supply may be available for immediate purchase in the bookstore. Textbooks cannot be charged to student accounts this semester. You may order textbooks online or by contacting the bookstore directly.

A listing of the required textbooks for each class is available at the bookstore website. You may either request Priority mail delivery for a flat fee of $4.99 or pick up your completed order in the bookstore for free! If your books are in stock, we will have your order ready to ship or ready for you to pick up at the register within one business day. Out-of-stock books could take up to 2 weeks. The bookstore will email you when your books are ready to be picked up or have been shipped.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Grace Alworth, Bookstore Manager.