FirstWeek FAQ

Is First Week required?

Attending First Week is not a requirement for admission to a degree program or graduation.  However, previous First Week participants will tell you that attending First Week is the best way to begin your time at Luther Seminary.  You’ll get a head-start on knowing faculty, staff, and other students.  There will be plenty of time to take care of the mundane parts of campus life such as your parking permit and student photo ID card. You'll also have an opportunity to engage with the new curriculum and learn about ways you can connect with the ever evolving Luther Seminary community.

I don’t live on-campus or within a reasonable driving distance.  Where can I stay during First Week? 

Luther Seminary has guest rooms that are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The rooms, which vary from single to quadruple occupancy, are located in Stub Hall, a former dormitory located on campus. All rooms have single beds only and most will share bath facilities.  To make a reservation for a Stub Hall guest room find the reservation request form by clicking on this link.

Luther’s web site includes a list of hotels and motels within a short driving distance of the campus.

I need to sign-up but I can’t connect to the registration form.

First be sure you logged into your Luther Seminary account and have access to MyLutherNet.   If you are still having trouble you can sign-up by contacting:

Judy Hedman, 651-641-3526,, 2481 Como Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108

The online schedule doesn’t give building or room location.  Where do I go on Monday morning

On Monday morning as you arrive on campus there will be people and signs posted around campus to assist you.  You will be directed to a welcome table at which you’ll pick your schedule and your name tag. The schedule will include building and room assignments plus other information about the week.

In the same building will be staff and other students to welcome you and answer your questions about daily routine tasks:  free parking permits, photo ID card, and maps of campus and surrounding community. 

I’ve already started taking classes earlier in 2015 (J-term, spring, summer Greek, online).  Can I still come to First Week? 

Absolutely!  In fact, we expect that you will. 

Will there be a lot of physical activity on the "day off campus" on Wednesday?  How accessible will the locations be?

For First Week, we plan our activities to accommodate foreseeable needs but are always glad when we have some advance notice of your needs.  All buildings at Luther Seminary have been built or retrofitted to be accessible. 

Our planning includes gathering information about accessibility at our off-campus visit locations.  We do our best to anticipate mobility needs but we can do better when you give us a little advance notice on the sign-in form.

How much does First Week cost?

It's free!   The schedule for each day includes beverage and refreshment breaks.   Lunches are provided every day (Monday-Thursday).  There is always a vegetarian option available, please indicate other preferences and dietary needs on the sign-up form.

Wednesday, during our off-campus experience, each group leader will determine the lunch plan.  You might eat in the cafeteria at a healthcare center or a neighborhood restaurant; visit a grocery store or co-op for ingredients for a picnic; or choose to have bag lunches prepared by dining services.

How can I be reached in an emergency?

Should someone need to reach you:  The phone number at the information desk is 651-641-3456.  The person answering the phone will have a copy of the First Week schedule and access to phone numbers of leaders.

Luther Seminary is generally in “good air” for cell phones. However, as a common courtesy, we will ask that you turn off your phones during Chapel and other times as requested by group leaders.

Do I register for classes during First Week?  Who approves my class schedule?

Most of you will have completed your online class registration before First Week.  Staff from the Office of the Registrar will be available during First Week to answer any questions about registration.  

No one needs to approve your class schedule.  However, staff from the Student Resource Center are available to advise you in course selection.  Under specific situations, you will require permission from the professor. 

May I bring my spouse, fiancée, parent, children, best friend, etc, along to First Week?  

First Week activities will take a lot of your attention. You and your peers will get the most of the hours spent at First Week if your family or friends are absent from the “core times” and informational sessions.  Everyone is welcome to attend worship services and the Sunday evening community picnic. There are many opportunities during the academic year for members of your family and friends to join the Luther community in worship, meals, service, fun and learning. 

Any other insider hints for First Week?   

  1. Dress is casual.  Late summer weather can be unpredictable.  Plan for warm weather but bring a light jacket or sweater.
  2. Allow plenty of time if you’re driving to campus as there will be extra traffic in the neighborhood that week.:  The University of Minnesota  is nearby, the Minnesota State Fair is at the same time; and road construction is a mystery that unfolds with little advance notice.
  3. Buildings are smoke free.
  4. Luther Seminary campus is on Metro Transit Bus route 3  and linked to the Lite-Rail Green line using bus route 30  
  5. Park in any of the parking lots on campus.  There is no cost and every lot has designated handicapped accessible parking spaces close to the building.   Avoid parking on the street as many of the streets are posted with "no parking without a permit" for residents of the houses nearby.  Luther Seminary's parking pass does not cover street parking and you do not want to risk being ticketed or towed.