Join Us in Preparing Exceptional Leaders for the Church!

Luther Seminary graduates are sent into a mission field that is as close as our front door and as far away as Asia and Africa. God is at work in the world and Luther Seminary is committed to preparing graduates who can proclaim God's word in a world of many cultures and religions.

Luther Seminary graduates are pastors and Christian educators, church musicians and seminary professors. There are literally thousands of ways our students and graduates share the gospel of Jesus Christ to a world that hungers to hear it.

Jesus sends out his disciples as missionaries in Luke’s Gospel—12 disciples in Chapter 9 and 70 disciples in Chapter 10. But before Jesus sends them out, he trains them for ministry. He teaches them to be ministers of the kingdom through acts of mercy, healing, preaching and teaching. This training is critical for the disciples because of the massive challenges they face—poverty, health care issues, political tension, Roman troops as an occupying force, financial worries, family pressures and spiritual confusion among religious leaders. The disciples watch and listen to Jesus. They follow him. Like a seminary education, which serves as a seedbed of new leadership (the word “seminary” comes from the Latin for “seedbed”), Jesus forms his small band of disciples to be missionaries in difficult times.

Today we read these stories in Luke carefully looking for clues and wisdom for how to educate our own students as evangelical public leaders. And like Jesus’ disciples, today’s mission-minded leaders face huge challenges. One of the greatest challenges is the speed of change. As author and leadership expert Valerie Sokolosky says, we are living in a world of “raplexity,” where our immediate environment (church and world) changes rapidly, and, as the changes occur, they become more and more complex.

As you read this report of our activities at Luther Seminary, you will notice signs of raplexity. Change is upon us; the world is turning fast and the church is becoming more complex. Challenges abound. You will also see signs of God’s faithfulness in response to these developments; student numbers are rising, donor gifts remain very strong and ministry opportunities are expanding.

Church raplexity is upon us. Within this environment, Jesus is calling and sending out disciples into God’s vineyard. That’s our mission at Luther Seminary. Pray for our students. The church needs what they’ve been given; the wisdom to know how to be witnesses in this changing world of ours.