Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give to a student?

Yes. You can give to a specific student, but the amount would not be considered a charitable gift, so it would not be tax deductible. Giving to Luther's general scholarship fund allows you to help fund a student's education AND receive tax benefits.

How much are tuition and living expenses?

Tuition for the Master of Divinity and Master of Arts students is $13,000 for the 2010-2011 school year. Yearly living expenses and books are approximately $24-34,000 annually. See detailed cost breakdown.

How much money comes from institutional support?

Luther Seminary relies on institutional support for 28 percent of its educational program expenses.

Why does Luther Seminary need my support?

Luther Seminary provides more than $2.2 million in financial aid to students each year. In addition, local congregations provide another $1.2 million in assistance. On average, this covers approximately two-thirds of the cost of tuition, but students still incur significant living expenses that must be covered through employment, loans or other sources of income.

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