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Heritage Society Members

July 01, 2013 - June 30, 2014

Information based on Fiscal Year 2014

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Name Heritage Society Membership Year
Grant and Ruth Bretheim Aaseng2008
Helen Aaseng1994
Rolft and Vit Aaseng1993
Benjamint and Olga Abraham2002
Howard C.t Abraham1988
B. Delores and R. Pault Abrahamson2014
Albert L.t and Alice L.t Abrahamson1988
Louis W. and Kathleen M. Accola1990
Scott J. and Mary M. Adolphson1996
Alice B.t and Miltont Albin1988
Robert J.t and Dorothy A. Allen2004
Chrystal J.t Allen1991
John W.t and Betty Allen1988
Beverly Burkum Allert1998
James and Beverly Almquist2006
Paul H. and Pearl M. Almquist2004
Melvin and Laurindat Alms1996
Kenneth W.t and Charlotte Althoff1989
Charles Amjad-Ali and Cris Toffolo2002
Gerald A.t and Ethel Amundson1988
Amy R.t Andersen1994
Richard E. Andersen1992
Esthert Andersen1990
Hal A. Andersen1990
Waltert Andersgord2008
Minnie V.t Andersgord1995
Jon Anderson and Robyn Sand Anderson2014
Beth D. and Dallas R. Anderson2012
Ruth Anderson2009
Rod and Julane Anderson2007
Janet R. Anderson2006
Lowell C. and Donna E. Anderson2005
Marvin D.t Anderson2005
Daniel W. and Alice Ann Anderson2003
William C. and Kelly J. Anderson2002
Alice R.t Anderson2001
Lila B. Anderson2001
Robert L.t and Selma Anderson2001
Haroldt and Hazel Anderson1999
Gary C. and Mary I. Anderson1998
Esten J.t Anderson1996
Robert J. Lewis and Kathleen L. Anderson1996
Roger and Nita Anderson1996
Ednat Adelia Anderson1995
Roy F. and Roberta Anderson1995
Rosalie M.t Anderson1995
Esther J.E.t Anderson1994
Loren T.t Anderson1994
Marlene A. Anderson1994
Amy J.t Anderson1991
Walton N.t and Gertrude L.t Anderson1991
Lillian E.t Anderson1991
Charles D. and Shirley J. Anderson1990
Kirk E. Anderson1990
Harveyt and Blanchet Anderson1988
David L.t Anderson1988
Wilhelm L.t and Maria A.t Anderson1988
Loren and Judy Anderson-Bauer1988
I. Shelby Andress2002
David and Susan Anfinson2014
Gene W. and Joan E. Anonsen2014
Jonathan D.t Anttila2004
Ralpht and Connie Archer1996
Arndahl Lutheran Church, Grove City, Minn.1991
Charles F. and Mary Jo A. Arndt2003
John A.t and Olga D.t Arne2001
Ruth and T. J.t Arneson, Jr.1988
Lenniet and Lois Arnevik2008
Sybilt Alice Astleford1996
Edwin C.t and Beatricet Astrup1993
Ethel J.t Astwood1998
Rutht Aune2008
Mark Richard and Janis Blomgren Aune2007
Eric S. and Judy K. Aune2006
Normat Ause1997
Gary V. Austin2011
Vernon and Marlys Awes1999
Charles and Linda Axness1998
Bruce and Marylyn Ayers2005
Daniel A. and Barbara L. Babine1996
Arthur C.H.t Bachman2001
Lee W. Bachman1999
Merciat Brenne Bachmann1988
Dean E. and Beverly Baer1991
Robert L. and R. Naomi Bagley1997
Francis B.t Baker2012
Almyra H.t Baker1990
Dorothy* Fredrickson Baker1988
Milton T.t Balgaard1991
James E. and Jean Ballenthin1998
George J.t and Mena L.t Balzer1990
Anjanette K. Bandel1998
James C. and Judith A. Bangsund2004
Keith G. Banwart, Jr.1995
Ronald L.t and Sherrie L.t Bardwell1999
David C. and Janice L. Barker1988
Margaret E. J.t Barnes2004
Elaine D.t Baron1999
Kenneth G. and Joyce S. Bash2010
Donald K.t and Gracet Bauer1988
Paul J. and Rachel M.t Baughman1988
Mary Lou Baumgartner2006
Paul L. and Helen Baumgartner1995
John and Ann Beane2004
Duane A. Olson and Constance L. Beck1998
Russell N.t and Ruth E. Beck1992
Amy L.t Beckstrom1990
Geoffrey W. and Melissa H. Beebe1988
Kenneth H. and Margaret L. Beenken2011
Tekla Bekkedal2013
Merrilyn Louise Belgum1999
Joan M. Bell1999
William K.t and Lois J.t Benbow1990
Pault and Dorist Bengston2000
Hamart and Wandat Benson2011
R. Perryt and Heolaht Benson2011
Ruth T.t Benson2007
Arvidt and Pattyt Benson1999
Esther J.t Benson1994
E. K.t and Esthert Bentley1992
Paul and Marion Bentson2005
Robert and Roxanne Berg2008
Norm and Dee Berg2007
Alden D. and Gertrude M. Berg2002
Donald L. and Barbara J. Berg2002
Margaret J.t Berg1990
L. Cliffordt and Marian B. Bergan1996
Irvint and Norat Berge1994
Daniel and Marjorie Bergeland2006
C. Gunnardt and R. Louise Berglund1990
James A. and Lorraine G. Bergquist2000
Gary L. and Dorothy Berkland2001
Dorat Berland1998
Bernie and Cathy Berntson2003
Rudyt and Phyllis Berntson2003
Gordon and Normat Berntson2002
Oliver and Emma Berven2002
Haroldt and Helent Bestul1991
Petrat Beutner1995
Arvid E. and Anne G. Bidne1988
Deborah R. and Paul A.t Biorn1996
Arleyt and Beverlyt Bjella1996
Lois G.t Bjelland2011
Virginia H.t Bjoraker1995
Alton J.t and Adeline M.t Bjork1993
Irene M.t Blakely1998
Gus and Mary Blanchard2011
David J.t Bleecker1996
Dallast Blenkush2009
Stephen and Julia Blenkush1996
Richard and Nina Bliese2009
Philipt Blilie2002
Willis L. and Ruth M. Bloedow2007
Paul and Marie Blom2010
Arnold O.t and Carol M.t Blom1990
Mildredt Solos Blomberg2004
Margaret H.t Bloom2007
Ruth C. and Rolf D.t Boe1999
Dwightt and Eleanor Boe1997
Egbertt and Beatricet Boe1996
Kent and Joan Bohls1999
Karen Bohn and Gary Surdel1996
Peter L.t and Susan D. Boman1988
Ruth Bongard2005
Pamela and Kevin Bonine2003
Lori J. Bonkoski1995
Jessie A.t Bonn1993
John L.t Borgfelt2001
Norma J. Borgford1988
Herbert and Constance Cleveland2000
Jackt and Joyce Boss1996
Donald Bottemiller2013
Jim and Trish Bowers2008
Mardenet Boyce2001
Robert H.t and Marcellat Boyd1991
Ray Boyenst and Janet Warwick2001
Robert S. and Joy J. Boyum2004
Angeline C.t Brack1991
Georgiat Maxine Brandt2004
John B. and Barbara L. Brassfield2004
Magdat Bratland1993
Chris and Jo Brekke2001
Galen and Katherine Britz2004
Frank and Barbara Brocker2002
Gene and Darlene Broughton1996
Linda J. and James O. Brown2007
Becky Brown2005
Marie A.t Bruce1988
Melita B.t Brudos2000
Roger W. Bruns1996
Evelyn Bruns Seybert1996
Emilt and Myrtlet Brunsvold2001
Myrtlet Brynestad1988
Norma P.t Buchta1991
Vae Jean Doris Buehler1999
Daniel and Sandra Buendorf1988
O.A.t Buland1988
Everettt and Dorothy Bunck2008
Stella M.t Bungum1991
Rick and Debbie Burcham2004
Andrew S.t and Constancet Burgess1988
Eric Burtness2005
Martha E.t Burtness1994
Georget and Aubiet Burtness1988
Ernest G.t and Elizabetht Burtness1988
Myrtlet Bush1988
Dick and Marlenet Cable2008
Paul L. and Donna Campbell1991
Kathryn S.t Cappelen1990
Gordon H. and Donna Carls1993
Ruth A.t Carlsen1998
James P. and Nancy K. Carlson2009
George C. Carlson and Solveig Hyland Carlson2007
Brian T. and Susan B. Carlson2005
Elmer W.t Carlson2001
Harley C.t and Joyce K. Carlson1997
Milton H.t Carlson1997
Edna M. Carlson1993
Dorothy I.t Carlson1992
Olaft and Vernat Cartford1997
June S. and H. Mead Cavert1997
Central Lutheran Church, Minneapolis1991
Olgat Chalstrum1996
Michael J. and Katherine E. Chan2014
Robert H. Chandler1996
Davidt Chilstrom1988
Herbert W. and E. Corinne Chilstrom1988
Ann M. and Dennis A. Christ2011
Lyle G.t and Othella A.t Christensen2008
Kent and Marilyn Christensen2007
Lillyt Gracia Christensen1993
Ray and Kay Christenson2004
George W.t Christenson2000
Beth Ann Gaede and Robert E. Christenson1996
Hazel C.t Christenson1995
Alvint and Inat Christiansen1988
James M. Christianson2011
Bertha A.t Christianson2002
Lucy Christianson2001
Stella M.t Christianson1996
Chaunceyt Christofferson2010
Regina E. Christopher2001
Ken and Polly Christopherson1999
Agnest Christopherson1991
Mark H.t Christy1991
Forrestt and Solveig Clark2000
Bertina M.t Clark1981
Charles and Florence Claus1996
Violat Clausen2004
Edna E.t Cole1995
Issact Coleman2001
Ethelt Colrud1998
Ralph G. and Jane V. Colrud1997
Sherman P. and Rachel M. Coltvet1993
Richard L.t Combs2008
Dorothyt and Rayt Conger2005
Vernet and Anna Arpt Crispin1996
George H. and Janett Cruys1988
Kerine A.t Cruys1988
Dwayne P. Daehler1988
Hans B.t and Claricet Dahl1990
Margaret L. Dahl1988
Lester A.t and Irene Dahlen2000
Marian E.t Dahlen2000
Ina H.t Dahlen1998
Darvin S. and Janet M. Dahlke1993
Mars A.t and Comfort H.t Dale1988
Duane C. and Jeannie A. Danielson1991
Betsy and Jamest Dartt1993
Ole K.t Davidson1990
Loren D. And Kristin M. Davis1992
Patrick John and Patricia Kay Day2005
Normant and Kathy Dean2002
Lenore J. Dean1999
Kenneth F. and Ruth I. Steen DeFor2006
LaVerne A. and Jane A. Dehlin2001
CloEve and Ryan Demmer2008
Peter J. Ruggles and Janice L. Devine-Ruggles1990
Rolf A. Jacobson and Amy Dewald1993
Annat DeWitt1988
Jacobt DeWitt1988
Gordon H.t and Georgiet Dhein1988
Steve and Janet Diemer2006
Michael and Diane Diemer2002
Berdellt and Dolores Digerness2003
B.R.t and Clarat Doering1988
Roger A. and Marlayne J. Domyahn2002
Evonne I.t Domyahn1993
Steve and Kathy Dornbusch2005
Paul J. and Mardeth L. Dovre1995
Leift and Caroline Dreyer1998
Ford C. and Karen L. Droegemueller2002
Maurice C.t and Ruth A. Dronen2003
Estate of Raymond Dufrene1991
Susan C. and John R. Dunlop2014
J.J. and Heather Dygert2007
Philip E. and Barbara J. Eaves2004
Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Minneapolis1993
Alvinat Eckberg1997
David C.t and Cleot Edwins1992
Dwight H. and Frances M.t Edwins1992
Mary Tanner Egdahlt and Lauren I. Egdahl1989
Paul M. Egeland2004
Estates of Clayton and Ella Bagg Egenes1993
Kenneth D.t and Gurine M. Eggen2005
Alice Egland1999
James P. and Suzanne E. Ehrlichmann1990
Erling H. and Marilyn M. Eibs2014
Gordon and Marilyn Eid2002
Henryt and Mavonet Eidet1991
Roald and Patris Eidsness2012
Edwardt and Hermoinet Eilertson1988
Dalene Eimon2007
Norris L. and Carolyn Einertson1994
Jeff and Katherine Eisele2002
Gerald Clifford and Miriam Jean Eisele1995
William C. and Marian G. Eisenmann1988
Norman and Clarice Eitrheim1997
Edt Ellefson2012
Kenneth P.t and Helen E.t Ellefson1998
Ed and Ann Ellenson1997
Harold L.t and Magdalena M.t Eller1991
Lillian E.t Ellerman1991
Avis Ellingrod1997
Dennis and Sandra Ellingsen2002
Hiramt and Hannaht Ellingson1995
Earl H.t Ellison1988
Bradley and Lynne Enerson2013
Junet Enerson1995
Maxine A. Enfield2004
Peder A.t Eng1998
Clayton C.t Engan1992
Marjorie E.t Engebretson2005
Norman W. and A. Cynthia Engelbrecht2003
David M. Engelstad and Catherine A. Malotky2012
Lavon and Jimt Engen1997
Oscar E.t Engen1988
David and Peggy Engh2009
Joanne E. Engquist1990
E. Duane and Marlene H. Engstrom1990
Robert P. and Carley Engwall1993
Bruce A. and Nicole C. Ensrud1993
Michael and Bonita Ensrude2009
Paul K. Erbes1989
Arlen I. and Ellen M. Erdahl2003
Lowell O. and Carol Erdahl1992
Paul and Stacy Erdahl2010
Henry E.t and Jo Ericksen2000
Vivian J. and Earl D. Erickson2014
Helen L. Erickson2007
James and Joy Erickson2006
Myrtlet Erickson2005
Harold A. 'Eric't and Karen 'Sue' Erickson2004
Roland E.t and Jeannette L.t Erickson2001
Elainet and Lewist Erickson2000
Walter C.t and Marion B.t Erickson2000
Douglas E.t and Joant Erickson1992
Lucille W.t Erickson1988
Harriett Ericson1995
Margaret O.t Ernest2000
Loren J. and Shirley Espeland2004
Robert E. Esse2002
Noel K. and Ethel J. Estenson2004
Don and Jan Etnier2011
Alice C. Evans2010
Jerry A. Evenrud2004
David C. and Marvene K. Evenson2014
Paul and Louise Evenson1995
Thelma P.t Evenson1993
C. Richardt and Mary Janet Evenson1992
Robert A.t and Lillian J.t Evenson1989
Jean E.t Evenstad1992
Curtis P. Everson2000
Dennis and Joanne Everson1988
Edwardt and Elsiet Ewert1990
David M. Falk1996
Ellen C.t Farmer1999
Elfriedat Farseth1990
Else A. Feistner2004
Rod and Linda Fender2003
Elaine J. Feroe2011
Eugene L.t and Dorotheat Fevold2001
Roger D. and Donna H. Field2005
Carl J.t and Etta B.t Field2000
Jean A.M.t Fingalson1988
First Lutheran Church, Fargo, N.D.1988
Don W.t and Opalt Fisher1991
Robert C. Fisher1990
Arland O. Fiske2005
Pedert and Stellat Fjaere1978
Orning and Wealtheat Fjelstad2004
Zillah H.t Fjelstad1989
Clair R.t and Doris P.t Flack1991
Robert S. Flannery2010
Dorrist and Rutht Flesner1993
Merlin and Dorist Flesner1990
Hilda V. (Viola)t Flygare2008
Richard H. and Mary Foege1991
Helen L. Fohl2008
Fred W.t and Ada A.t Folkers1988
Thelmat Folkestad2000
Edith M.t Ford1988
Philip J. and M. Jean Formo2012
Winniet and Jeromet Formo2007
Loren Forrester1994
Nora I.t and Paul A.t Forseth1990
Jack and Sara Fortin2006
Ninat Fosmark1988
Richard J. and Nancy E. Foss2003
Harlan F.t and Beatrice N.t Foss1992
Erma L.t Foust1992
Fred Fox1989
Gudrun C. Fredensberg1988
Jerry and Louise French2005
Ira J.t Frerichs1996
Wendell W. and Jeanne D. Frerichs1988
Terence and Faith Fretheim1994
C. Dean and Elsie Freudenberger1997
Charles L. and Diane Frickey2004
Philip L. and Rutht Friest1988
Robert F.t Fritz2010
Lawrence M.t and Gladyst Froiland1991
Ivernt and Gerhard E.t Frost2001
Robert J.t and Edna L. Furreboe1990
Frederick J. and Barbara A. Gaiser1988
Gurine and John Gall2000
Robert P. and Nancy Gandrud1994
Philip and Jeant Gangsei1992
Owent and Doris L.t Gangstead1999
Cynthia L. and Steven L. Ganzkow-Wold1991
David L.t and Jackie J. Gardner1999
Loehlet Gast1997
Esthert Geisendorfer2012
Peter and Karen Geisendorfer-Lindgren2007
Paula and Scott Geister-Jones1995
William Ht. Gentz2000
Robertt and Rachelt Gerloff2000
Dalet and Lois Daggett Gernbacher1997
Robert and Virginia Geston2002
E. Marlene Pankonin and David B.t Gieske1996
Robert M.t Gilbert1991
Joseph Elmert Gilberts2001
Paul R. and Phyllis S. Gilbertson1995
Olgat Gilbertson1993
Paul A. and Judith C. Gilje2006
James H.t and Mary Gillespie1994
Helen J.t King Girod2005
Richard I. Gisselquistt2008
Benjamin A.t and Elizabeth H. Gjenvick1988
Ludolf S.t Gjerde1989
Dorotheat Quello Glasoe2000
Glenwood Lutheran Church, Decorah, Iowa1988
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, St. Paul, Minn.1988
Milbern and Kathryn Goetz2007
Loyal E. and Ruth J. Golv2002
John L. and Catherine J.I. Golv1991
Verne (Skip)t and DeEtta F. Goodmanson2003
Jerome M. and Sharon G. Gorden2005
Pearlt Gordon2000
Robertt and Audrey Gordon1998
Candace J.t Gottenberg1988
Stewartt and Alice Govig2007
George C.t Graef2000
Donald R.t and Irene Grangaard1988
Robert E. and Nancy L.t Granrud1993
Agnest Granrud1988
George E.t Grasdock1988
Paul and Jean Gravrock2007
Conrad E.t and Anna N.t Greenquist1988
Dennis V. and Louise B. Griffin1999
Marvin Grimm2004
Hoover T.t and Shirley A. Grimsby1991
Ruth T.t Grina2010
Haraldt and Jonettet Grindal2000
Gerald and Nancyt Groepper1997
Dalton W. Gronlie2008
Norman E. and Helen R. Groth1993
David W. and Nanette R. Grube1993
Roger and Constance Grumdahl1997
Marvin L.t and Nora S.t Gulsrud1988
Selmert and Lorenat Gunderson1988
Geraldt Gunderson1973
Marie C.t Gunther1999
Janet Gwin2014
Florencet Haasarud1996
Mary Jane Haemig2007
Erwint and Inezt Haerter1988
Chester L.t and Betty Annt Hagander1990
Raymond and Nellie Faye Hagberg1994
Ollie and Shar Hagen2014
Leif M. and Anne C. Hagen1998
Roy A. and Beatrice L. Hagen1996
Dorothy E.t Hagen1988
James E. and Kathleen M. Haglund2000
Delwayne H. and Marilyn F.t Hahn1991
Mark and Gwen Wagstrom Halaas1998
Marcia L. Hall1988
Valborgt Hallan1994
James A. and Elaine G. Halls2002
Adellet Halsor1995
Melvern A.t Halverson1996
Arvin and Twila Halvorson2000
Arndtt and Emilyt Halvorson1996
Theodore W. and Janice E. Hamann1988
Robertt and Gloria Hamilton2008
Dick E. and M. Jayne Hamlin1988
Ebbat Hammar1988
Alicet Hammar1985
Blanda J.t Hammar1976
Shirley A.t Hansen2012
Hans A.t and Lucille E. Hansen2003
Irene J. Hansen2003
Hans A.t and Lucille E.t Hansen2003
Ethel E.t Hansen1999
Kathy and David Hansen1996
Helen M.t Hansen1991
Robert P.t and Janice M. Hansen1990
Olaft and Eleanor S.t Hansen1989
Edward A.t and Shirley M. Hansen1988
Enid O. Hansing1997
Lois R.t Hansing1992
Paul Hanson2011
Agnes E.t Hanson2004
Craig and Cynthia Hanson2004
Erikt Hanson2000
Eugene R. and Naomi B. Hanson2000
James H.t and Ramona S. Hanson2000
Lorenet and Lavernt Hanson2000
Les and Margarett Hanson1995
Alden M. and Beverly Hanson1994
Paul A.t and Dolores V. Hanson1994
Norris A.t and Ellat Hanson1988
Hanst and Ovidia O.t Hanson1988
Bruce W. and Sherrill Hanstedt1990
Elinor K.t Haroldson1993
Paul and Margaret Harrington2008
John L.t and Verna B.t Harrington1988
Paul and Sally Harris2009
Elmert Hasselmeyer1987
Eva F.t Hassler2000
Paul and Carol Hasvold1998
Gary G. and Jacqueline Hatcher1988
Kenneth H. and Joyce L.t Hatland1988
Roe and Beverly Hatlen1992
Merlin D.t and Evelyn G.t Hatlestad1999
Paul and Ruth Hauge2009
Earl and Joyce Hauge1999
Vernon R.t Hauge1993
Charlest and Sophiet Hauge1990
Esther F.t Hauge1990
Wesley L. and LuAnn Haugen2001
Layne and Garnet Haugen1994
John E. and Sharon Haugo2013
Erlingt and Clarat Haugo1990
Howard and Rhonda Hawks1996
Myrnat Hawks1996
Edwin and Noriyo Hawxhurst2004
David L. and Andrea K. Hayes2014
Charles W. and Marlene J. Hedenstrom1993
Delphine L. Hedtke2011
Robert C.t and Shirley E. Heebink1998
Ronald and Margaret Hegge2012
Albertt Hegland1995
Gladyst Hegvold1988
Beckyt and Ken Heideman2013
Gladyst Heidner2004
Dolores M.t Heine2002
Lloyd M.t and Rutht Heir1999
Carl L. Heise2000
John P.t and Lorena Hekkel2001
Irenet Helgen1990
Gilfordt and Virginiat Helgesen2000
Russell B. and Lorraine T. Helgesen1988
Emilyt Helland1990
Wayne L.t and Ruth I. Henderson2005
Jesse E.t Herbert1998
Arlen and Marilyn Hermodson2004
Adrianne G.t Heskin1988
Loren A.t and Eunicet Heuer1998
Kenneth E.t and Barbara J.t Hickel1994
Gilbertt and Kathleen M.t Hilde2000
Dorothy E.t Hill1996
Alice I.t Hill1988
Henry M.t and Dolorest Hilleque1988
Alton V. and Harriet L. Hillesland1988
Mark Hillmer and Bonnie Littlefield1988
Richard L. Hillstrom1990
Ruth H.t Hitchcock1988
Alft and Esther Hjemboe2005
Jerry and Joan Hoffman2008
Lester W. and Helen M. Hoffmann2000
Rod and Gretchen Hofland2006
E. Maxinet Hofland1995
William W.t Hogan2004
Stephen J. and Elizabeth A. Hogberg1988
Orville C. Hognander, Jr.2009
Gertrudet Hognander2007
Theol S.t and Annat Hoiland2001
Carol E. Spencer and David A. Holloway2002
Helma E.t Hollum1980
Ralpht and Clarat Holstein1988
Philip and Merrie Sue Holtan2004
Carlylet and Esther Holte1997
Roselyn Holte1993
T. Lance Holthusen1990
Thomas L. and Kristin H. Holtz2013
Richard F. and Carolt Holy2002
Theodore Homdrom2011
Philip R. and Lorelee L. Hood2003
Lucille Holcomb Hope1996
Clifford R. and Ingrid Hoper1991
Luther E.t and Anne S.t Hopler1996
William O. Horn2000
Jon and Ardys Horner2003
Floyd C.t House2010
Harold E.t and Gina N.t Hove1988
Duane C. and Ann E. Hoven1996
Chester J. and Clenora Hoversten2006
Clarat Hovland1988
Thomas T.t Hovland1984
David A.t and Jeanne M. Hoyme2002
Mabelt Huether1988
Mark G. and Barbara J. Huggenvik2010
William E.t and Lucy V. Hulme1992
Charles W. and Harriet C. Hulsether2007
Eric and Pam Hulstrand1994
William H.t and Alicet Humlie1988
Della K.t Hummel1996
Ivan F. and Deloris M.t Hunter1997
Gertrudet Husby1997
Oscart and Pearlt Husby1991
Murielt Huseby1995
Joseph L.F. and Elaine C. Huseth1990
June Husom2007
Reuben B.t Huss1991
Deborah Hutterer2012
Harold A.t and Gail P. Huwe1993
Sara M.t Ingebrigtson1998
Grace L. Ingulsrud2004
Leroyt and Orphat Iseminger2003
Maynard B.t and Eline Iverson1994
Curt Eric and Mary Jo Jackson2011
Charles and Lois Jackson2009
Darel and Lynda Jacobsen2005
Alfhildt Jacobsen1988
Helent Jacobson2008
Kenneth "Jake"t and Clara L. Jacobson2002
Kurt M. Jacobson1996
L. DeFlorencet Jacobson1995
Diane L. and Paul Jacobson1993
Orat Jacobson1989
Myrtle B.t Jacobson1986
Jerry and Peggy Jefferies2005
Harvey Holden and Doreen Faye Jeffers2005
Truman and Leila Jeffers2000
Robert B. and Susan C. Jenkins1997
Paul and LaVonne Jensen2011
Paul and LeVonne Jensen2011
Kenneth and Bonnie Jensen2006
Carl J.t and Jone G. Jensen2006
Clayton E. and Gloriat Jensen2002
Floydt and Ragnat Jensen2000
Berthat Agnes Jensen1996
Jacob K.t Jensen1964
Juliat Jenson1998
James A. and Corinne L. Jenson1992
Markt and Sandy Jerstad1998
Edgar and Judy Johnson2013
Karen Gulsvig Johnson2011
Esther B.t Johnson2010
Kermit and JoAnn Johnson2008
Robertt and Diane Johnson2006
Marie C.t Johnson2006
Robert and Mary Ann Johnson2006
Craig and Julie Johnson2005
Merton Reid Johnson and Mary Hannah Rowe2005
Beatrice S. Johnson2004
Virgil O.t and Judith A. Johnson2003
Robert E. Sachs and Connie J. Johnson2002
Dave and Mary Johnson2002
Marlan M. and Sharon H. Johnson2002
Ardess M. Johnson2001
G. Jeromet and Ardess M. Johnson2001
Clifford H.t Johnson2000
Ront and Audrey Johnson1999
Ellen O.t Johnson1998
John M.t Johnson1998
Richardt, Myrtlet and Violet Johnson1998
Judeen O. and Marian O.t Johnson1997
Marian O.t Johnson1997
Philip T.t and Myrtle E.t Johnson1997
Raymond E.t Johnson1997
Robert G.t and Rebecca E.t Johnson1997
Bob L. and Ruth J. Johnson1996
J. Barneyt and Jean S.t Johnson1995
Orvillet and Verna Johnson1995
Carl W.t and Carolyn K. Johnson1994
Orville and Kathleen Johnson1994
Dennis and Susan Johnson1993
Edwin G.t Johnson1993
Harold L.t and Margit N.t Johnson1993
Hildat Johnson1993
Phyllis N.t Johnson1993
Klarat Stockdal Johnson1992
Dwight R.t and Sylvia E. Johnson1991
Esther Elvirat Johnson1991
Hazel M.t Johnson1990
Lance J. Johnson1990
Melvin L.t and Norma L.t Johnson1990
Timothy G. and Susan C. Johnson1990
Earl L. and Beverly R. Johnson1988
Constancet Johnson1988
Don and Dorothy A. Johnson1988
Earl J.t Johnson1988
John Arthurt and Esther E.t Johnson1988
Gisle A.t and Eva M.t Johnson1988
Herald C.t Johnson1988
Julius Arthurt and Margarett Johnson1988
Dana and Lynette Johnson Schroeder1991
Rolfe and Margaret Johnstad2002
Alice Jolivette1999
Tom and Julie Jolivette1996
Laurie A. Jones2011
Norman M. and Eunice M. Jones1994
Thomast Jonnes1996
John H. Jorde1997
Donaldt and Virginia Jorgensen2002
Eva F.t Jorgensen2000
Mary L. Jorgensen1995
Dorothyt and Royt Jorgensen1988
Alf W.t and Francest Jorgenson2009
Jimt and Doris Jorgenson2005
Evat Jorgenson2005
Pault Jorstad2010
Arthur M.t and Bettyt Jothen1988
Leslie H.t and Grace J.t Juel1991
Kay L. Jurgenson2001
Douglas W.t and Jean M. Kahl1990
Morris G. and Connie J.t Kalgaarden2005
Lois Kammerlohr1993
Patricia S. Kane2007
Agnes E.t Karbo1988
Gregory B. Karlsgodt2004
Ruth M.t Karpf1988
Gudrunt Kartevold2001
William H. and Carolyn R. Kees1988
Roderick M. and Janet M. Kelsey2003
Linka C.t Kempf1991
Esthert Kessler1993
Jon Kietzer1996
John and Kari Kilbride1995
Roald A. and Shirley L. Kindem1988
Jack D. and Barbara Kingsbury1988
Lorenst and Mabel Kingstad1992
Marvin C. and Barbara A. Kiphuth2001
Augustinet Kittelson2003
Neil P. Kittlesen and Barbara A. Spradley1994
Charles J. Lopez, Jr. and Nancy L.t Klemme1992
Marian F. Klingensmith1995
Pault Klutman1996
Joyce and Jerry Knippenberg1996
Donald A.t Knobloch1998
Stephent and Estellet Knudsen2004
John O. and Marjorie J. Knudson2005
Stanley G.t and Mildred A. Knudson1995
Donald C. Knudson1988
Sina C.t Knudson1988
Waltert Knudson1988
M. Everettt Knutsen1988
Kenneth G. and Judith A. Knutson2013
Gerald J. and Linda J. Knutson2004
James and Arlene Knutson2003
Katherinet Knutson1995
Gerhard and Gloria Knutson1994
Samuel S. and Carolyn A. Kochel1994
Richardt and Gloriat Koester2000
Craig and Nancy Koester1988
Christinet Kolsum1984
Robert M.t Kompelien1991
Arvid J.t and Verna E. Koski1989
Helmi V.t Koski1989
Jeff Koznick and Diane Nelson Koznick2007
Alf Thomas and Janice Kraabel2003
Margret Kragnes2003
Christopher and Heidi Kramer2011
Margaret L.t Kranz1988
Kermit A. Krogstrand2004
Borghild Krueger2003
Deborah and Herb Kuehl2001
Jerry L. and Marion F.t Kuehn2012
Martha A. Kunau2001
Paul and Janet Labes2001
Lee Anne Lack2000
Betty A. LaDue2005
Obert J.t Landsverk1988
Edward M.t and Marthat Langemo1980
Elsie M.t Langer1994
Gary and Carol Langness1999
Joel O.t Langseth1997
Myront Larsen2011
Howard and Janice Larsen2004
Martin I.t and Mathilda J.t Larsen1995
Harold J.t and Clarissa O. Larsen1990
David E. and Julie L. Larson2013
K. Duane and Mabel M. Larson2011
Dennis K. and Shirley R. Larson2009
Charlottet Larson2007
Helen M. Larson2007
Levonne Larson2006
Elenorat Larson2005
Maynard J.t and Phyllis T. Larson2003
Constancet and Paul M.t Larson1999
Georget and Dorothyt Larson1996
Laurat Larson1994
Arthur L.t Larson1992
Lloyd Q.t Larson1991
Alton D. and Delores D. Larson1990
Ernest G.t and Ellen E.t Larson1990
Anna G.t Larson1988
Ralph J. and Betty L. Larson1988
Elmer G.t and Luella B.t Larson1988
Irenet Larson1988
Walter G. and Helen A. Laughlin1988
Elmer H.t Lauman1992
Kenneth W.t Leaf1993
Rotht and Margarett Leddick1997
Franklin S. and Jean M. Lee2012
Jon R. and Stefanie M. Lee2006
Robert O.t and Eleanort Lee1996
Alan A.t and Dorothyt Kjorlie Lee1994
Myrtle M.t Lee1989
Harris W. and Maryon Y. Lee1988
Karl O. Lee1988
Alt and Hazelt Lehman1999
Patricia A. and Douglas J. Lehrer2011
Edward J.t and Golda H.t Leininger1992
Myrtle A.t Lemme2000
Edwint and Evelynt Lenander1988
Larryt and Leota Lenning1989
Antti A.t and Jane M. Lepisto2003
Beth Lewis and Rick Rouse2008
Floyd R.t and Orenat Lien1994
Kenneth I.t Lillehaug2012
Arthurt and Carolt Lillenas2009
James and Martha Limburg2003
Carolt Lindblom1997
Milton O. and Leona Lindell1988
H.W.t Linder1996
Jim and Felicia Lindus2013
John R. and Geri Lingen2007
David and Shirley Lingo2006
John N.t and Eleanor J.t Linnerooth1997
Clarat Loe2000
Marion Andrea Loges2011
Merle K.t and Fern M. Loken2001
Fritjof T. and Helen A.t Lokensgard1989
Julius O.t and Mabel N.t Lokken1990
Jennie A.t Lorentson2011
Norman and Helent Lorentzsen1997
Elva B.t Lovell1988
Rutht Lovold1988
Percival C.t and Anne L.t Lovseth1999
Margaret R. Lowe2010
Ella I. Lowe1988
Harold and Carol Luecke2003
Elmer G.t and Othelia L.t Luetgers1992
Lowell A. and Joan A. Luhman2012
Herbertt and Mona Lund2002
Anna E.t Lund1990
Gordon W.t and Betty M. Lundberg1995
Blair and Donna Lundborg2009
Viola E.t Lundeberg1995
Ronald and Lyn Lundeen2002
Richard C. and Susan Lundell1993
Sandra K.t Shrewsbury and Jon E. Lundin2001
Claire H.t Lunn1996
Lynnt Hanson Luthard2004
Luther Seminary Friends1997
Joseph A.t Luthro1991
Magnust and Viona Lutness2002
Clifford J.t and Loren L.t Lyndahl1988
Eldon H.t and Irma A.t Lyso1996
Melford B.t and Janet W. Lyso1988
Harriet A.t Lystig2000
Bernice M. and Edwin H.t Maas2002
Robertt and Shirleyt Mackey2009
Eric and Meg Madson1994
Rod and Nancy Maeker2000
Brian and Leanne Malison1999
Ernest A. and Diane M. Mancini2010
Monrad V. and Karen H. Mandsager2003
Robert O.t Manthei2007
Margarett Manthei-Cox2007
Lee and Maryt Markquart2003
Marvin J.t and Esther D.t Marquardt1988
Lloyd J. Mart1995
Ron and Marilyn Martinson1998
Paul V. and Ida Marie Martinson1995
Ruth C.t Martinson1988
Winifredt Martinson1988
Wm.t and Margarett Matalamaki1998
Dick and Kay Mathison2010
Lydiat Matson1992
Osamu and Grace Matsutani1993
Ronald C. and Margaret Matter1990
Albertt and Margaret Bubach Mattheis2003
John and Patty Matthews2004
Judith M. Mattison1997
Roald and Marilyn Mattson2000
Laura C.t Maucher1990
Timothy I. and Janice K. Maudlin2013
Thomas E. and Leone J. Mauszycki2010
Gordont Maxwell1999
Scott R. and Jennifer C. McAnally2008
Mary E.t Beck McClung1993
Leona A. McCullough1992
Kathryn Lydiat McEnroe1991
Donn S. and Bonnie J. McLellan2003
Betty A. McNeely2000
Wanda E. McNeill2012
Bud and Nancy Meadley2008
Shirley Medin2006
Raymond L. and LaMae J.t Mehl1990
Jim and Sue Meier2002
Paul G. and Jorun Groe Meierding1993
Kenneth N. and Ruth M. Melby1995
Marshall R. and Diane Fabel Melbye1998
Timothy R. and Sharryn D. Melin2001
Arnold J.t and Donna J.t Melom2003
Darla Menssen2007
Florence E.t Merrill1988
William and Millie Messerschmidt1993
Ralpht and Norat Meyer1992
Alice N.t Meyer1990
Freda L.t Meyer1988
Roy E.t and Merlet Meyer1988
Kirsten A. Mickelson1990
Haroldt and Ella G.t Midtbo1992
Eleanor Miele2006
Floydt and Helent Miller2004
Johnt and Linnea Miskowiec2003
Anna Marie Mitchell2007
Gladys S.t Moe1996
Theodore G.t Moen2009
Normant and Dolorest Moen2008
Sanford and Dorothy Moen1999
Joe and Lily Mogen2009
Ariel R.t Molldrem2003
Mark J. and Shirley J. Molldrem1997
Paul O.t Monson1998
Forrest T.t and Thelma S. Monson1988
Nan W.t Monson1988
Annat Trilhaus Montgomery1989
John T.t Montgomery1988
John H. and Melody A. Moody2009
Troy and Annette Mooneyham2005
Gary and Sherry Moore2011
Walter B. and Virginia J. Moore2007
Lynne and Jim Moratzka2001
Terry R. and Joan E. Morehouse2009
Orval K. and Bernell E. Moren1995
Jim and Connie Morgenstern2005
Robert J.E.t Morin1996
Richard M. and Barbara J. Mork1988
Carol J. Mork1988
Waltert Morrow2013
Valinda I. and Lyle T. Morse2002
Mount Olivet Lutheran Church, Minneapolis1991
Cleon N.t and Florence R.t Mourer1988
Harold C. and Martha Mueller1995
William F. Mueller1990
Valda M.t Keszler Munson1990
Roger L. and Helen Munson1988
J. Victort Murtland1999
Russell N. Myers and Mary Sueltz2009
Dale V. and Judy Nabben1988
A. Gordont and Constance M.t Nasby1993
David A. and Karen L. Nasby1989
Thomas G.t and Ardis M. Natterstad2004
Norat Natterstad2000
Laurie A. Natwick2012
Alycet Neetzel2003
Allan and Joanne Negstad1999
Judeen O. Johnson and Mary Negstad1997
Jeffrey S.F. Nelson2014
Paul R.t and Judy A. Nelson2010
Grant A.t Nelson2008
Hub Nelson2008
Vernon A. Nelson2004
Omar C. and Edwina L.t Nelson2003
Newell N. and Lois J. Nelson2003
Ernest N.t and Lois S.t Nelson2002
Rutht Nelson2000
Harland S. and Corinne L. Nelson1998
Donald H. Nelson1997
Norat Marie Nelson1996
Carl O. Nelson1994
Rolf and Karen Nelson1994
William F. and Mary Nelson1992
John A.t and Doris R.t Nelson1991
Orlin E.t Ness1997
James A. and Carolyn Nestingen1988
Elaine Nesvig1998
Robert R. III and Jean M. Neubauer2005
Ednat Neubauer2001
Duane O. and Margie Ann Neugebauer1989
Bob and Marlys Newcomb2012
John H.t and Myrtle I.t Nickelson1996
Richardt Niebuhr2004
Philipt and Carol Nieft1998
Loren and Roberta Nielsen2010
Ronald and Kathrine Nielsen1991
Jack R. and Ruth I. Niemi2004
Rose A.t Nitz1988
Joel M. Njus2007
Lillian I.t Njus1996
Margaret Foss Nokleberg1992
Gary and Pauline Nokleberg1988
Carol A.t Nolte2006
William and Dolores Nord2000
Robert W.t and Judith M.t Nordmark1991
Harlan and Harriet Norem2002
Ardist Norlander1998
Lilt Norlin-Kleinsasser1988
Edward L. and Lorene J. Novak2004
Ronald A. and Frieda Nowland1994
Richardt Nybro2000
Glenn and Ann Nycklemoe1993
Viola H.t Nydahl2003
Mark and Linda Lou Nygard2013
Ednat Nysether1988
Marvin T.t Nystrom1991
Josepht and Joycet O'Neill2006
Gustav B.t and Genevieve S.t Odegaard1998
Henry E.t and Norma M.t Odland1995
Glent and Inez Oehlke2004
Siegfried C.t and Adele E.t Oeljen1989
Jeant Ogle2009
Ednat Ohme1994
Alma J.t Oien1976
Theodore S.t Okland2003
Gilbert W. and Irene L.t Olawsky2010
Normant Olawsky2001
Gerald R. and Rosemary F. Olerud2002
Olga B.t Hart2003
Christopher and Beth Olkiewicz2005
Craig Olsen2003
Gerald and Lois Olsen1995
Reynold A.t and M. Irenet Olsen1994
Norman E.t Olsen1991
Gary J. and Ella R. Olson2013
Wayne R. Olson2013
Jon H. Olson2006
Karen M. Olson2006
Roger and Marilynt Olson2006
Martha O.t Olson2005
Robert M. and Lila M. Olson2004
Douglas R.t and Ivyt Olson2003
Jack L. and Lois B. Olson2003
Norman I. and Barbara J.K. Olson2002
David W. and Nancy G. Olson2002
Minerva B.t Olson2002
E. Robertt and Donna Olson2001
Stanley N. and Nancy L. Olson2001
Merlyn and Barbara Olson1999
Arda L.t Olson1998
John L. and Marilyn J. Olson1998
Rolf E. and Nancy S. Olson1998
Richard R.t and Helen Annt Olson1997
Orville and Yvonne Olson1996
Laufeyt Olson1994
Earl B.t and Dorothy A.t Olson1992
Charles B. and Sharon Olson1991
Gordon H. and Janice Olson1988
Kenneth W.t and Rutht Olson1988
Mabel J.t Olson1985
Richard and Julie Omland2011
Robert A. Onkka1995
Esther M.t Onstad2002
Lucille J.t and Oswaldt Onstad1992
Hollist and Eltont Oppegard1997
Myrtlet Ormond2007
Dorothy A.t Orsund1998
Vera R.t Orth2003
Keitht and Fernet Osberg1991
Lucillet Osterman2005
Mark and Christine Osthus1988
Dean and Dorothy Ostlie1995
Howard and Peg Ostrem1997
Hilvie Benson Ostrow2002
Donald E.t Otterby2009
Omar G. and Margery B.t Otterness1996
Norma L. Otterson1997
Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Circle Pines, Minn.1991
Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Valley City, N.D.1991
George M.t Overby1988
Ervin K.t and Sylvia A. Overlund2003
Paul and Sandi Owens2006
Harold L. and Joanne H. Pahlmeyer1997
William C.t Palmquist1988
Audrey Palmquist Aga1988
Esther Marlene Pankonin and David B.t Gieske1996
Martin H. and Florence Panning1993
Audrey I.t Parke2014
Donald and Claudia Parsons2005
Raymondt Paulson1994
Nancie C. Paulson1992
Christinet Rud Paulson1990
Gordon R.t and Arylene C. Paulu1993
Elvira S.t Payant1995
Robertt Pearson2005
Carlt Pearson1990
Estelle Reierson Pearson1988
Martha and Marshall Pechauer1996
Ronald F. and Rachel E. Pechauer1993
Darrell J. and Jennifer G. Pedersen2007
Efraimt and Margarett Pedersen2001
Marthat Pedersen1996
Myrtle E.t Pedersen1993
Barbara E.t Pedersen1989
John R. Pederson2010
Robert H. and Louise H.t Pederson2004
Alma N.t Pederson1994
Florence M.t Pederson1992
Gene K. and Janice E.t Peisker1990
James W. and Linda K. Pellot1992
Robert I.t and Elsie A. Penner1988
Carmen Peter2006
Harriet F. Petersen2006
Paul E. and Deaunt Peterson2013
Ron and Jean Peterson2012
Lydiat Peterson2008
Jill and Wallace B.t Peterson2006
Mary E. Peterson2006
Donald and Esther Peterson2004
Scott T. and Jenny Norris Peterson2003
Grace C.t Peterson2000
Oliver H.t and Jeannette C. Peterson1996
Hazel R. and C. Leroyt Peterson1993
Earl P.t Peterson1993
C. Richard and Barbara Peterson1988
Halleent Pettersen1995
Robert L. and Gay D. Phillippi1998
Theresa A.t Pilgrim1988
Bruce and Kathleen Piltingsrud1996
Carlt Platou1988
Chaitram and Cheryl Prashad1994
Nelson F.t and Marilyn G. Preus2002
Herman A.t and Florence N.t Preus1988
David and Beverlyt Proctor2003
James L. Proper2013
Franklin and Marit Running Pudas1997
Albert R. Quade2004
Dean D. and Myra F. Quale2012
Robert L. Quam1992
Quentint and Lucille (Njus) Quanbeck2006
Elmert and Miriamt Quanbeck2001
Dagmart Quanbeck1988
David A. and Genevieve M. Quarberg2005
Paul T. and Janet F. Quello1993
John M. and Eileen Quello1990
Jim and Pat Rafftery2011
L. Gerald and Eleanort Rafftery2004
Gerry and Cher Rafftery2000
Don and Lucille Ramlo2004
LaVernet Ramsey2005
Philip L. and Joann C. Ramsey1993
Sidneyt and Lois Rand1994
Peter A. and Bonnie E. Raquet2005
Carl L.M. and Nancy J. Rasmussen1990
Orville W.t and Clara A.t Rasmussen1988
Lloydt and Audrey Ratkovich1988
Palmert and Margarett Rauk1996
John R. Realph2002
Lenat Redmann1991
Otto M. Reemelin1991
Jack F. and Shirley Reents2006
Dorothy Refling1990
William H. and Joan M. Reichwald2002
Royt Reierson1988
Ruth E.t Reigstad1989
Muriel A. Reiners2004
Bradley and Agatha Reiners1996
Ray and Ivy Reinholtzen2003
Fred and Marlene Reinke2003
Mark H. and Elaine Reitan1990
Richard and Darleen Rem2001
Odint and Elizabeth Rem1996
Paul D. and Ruth A. Reppe2003
J. Donald and Naomi Rice2006
Vernon and Birgitta Rice2001
Jack L. and Joneen Richards1988
Arthur and Charlotte Rimmereid2004
Arthur W.t Rindlisbacher2005
Fred E.t and Norma J.t Ringham1991
Perry A.t and Genevieve J.t Risberg2002
Karl F. Rist1998
Lena Annat Roach2005
Harold O.t and Myrtle M.t Roberts1993
Kenneth and Sandra Robinson2001
Richard and Elaine Rodning1997
Paul and Donna Roe1988
Alvin N.t and Norat Preus Rogness1988
Leif H.t and Esther A.t Roholt1991
Jeffrey D. and Betty Rohr1988
Alma M.t Roisum1992
Janis M. Rollow2006
Olivet Ronholm2001
Oswald T.t Ronice1988
Conwayt and Kay Rosell2006
Darlene Martinson Ross2006
Lyle E. and Holly Rossing2009
Ronald and Martha Rossing2007
Margueritet Rossing1991
Kennetht and Bettyt Rosvold2002
Robert Pault and Margaret Beckstrand Roth1997
Michael and Dorothy Rothgery1988
Curt and Ann Rotto2004
Kenneth L. and Lorraine A. Roufs2013
Bud and Audrey Roufs1998
Albert L. Roy2008
E. Robertt Rudiger2007
Ralph D. and Carol A. Rudrud2005
Philip and Mary Rue2011
Inezt Rue1988
Martint and Lanorat Ruesch1996
Ramon and Carlat Runkel2006
Betty J.t Russell2002
Arthur L.t and Elsiet Rustad1991
David L. Rutlen2006
Olivert and Mariant Ruud1993
Harold B.t Rye2005
Elmer H.t and Lenorat Sachs1997
Roland A. and Bernicet Saethre1988
Donald L. Sahling2011
Lyle and Barbara Sall2006
Clayton O.t and Helent Salness1989
Adelinet Salveson2009
Jack and Loist Sampson2006
Richard C.t Sampson2005
Paul S. and Edith J.t Samuelson2006
Dolores Sande2006
Elizabeth and Robert Sande2004
Meg Sander2010
Robert and Marianne Sander1994
Jack A. and Virginia M. Sartell1991
James R. Sassman1988
Lee and Barbarajean Sather2007
Olaft Sather1988
Clint L.t and Marie B. Sathrum1992
Roy E. and Dorothy J. Satre2001
Lowell J.t and Elizabeth D.t Satre1988
Melvint Saugen1993
Gloriat Sauke2012
Cyrus F.t and Vera M.t Savereide2000
Claudet Scheuneman1988
Bruno G.t and Verona E. Schiller1992
Fredrik A.t and Dagnyt Schiotz1988
Eunice L.t Schleicher1994
Ernat Schlenker1991
Ulrich O. Schlichting2004
Howardt Schmechel1998
Rodney A.t and Elizabeth R.t Schmidt1999
Ruby M.t Schrank2005
Arnoldt Schreiber1989
Clifford H.t and Marlyn A. Schroeder1999
Clinton A. and Carolyn Schroeder1994
Williamt Schroeder1994
Herman R.t and Esther V. Schroeder1988
Thomas A. and Georgia M. Schultz2005
Hedwig L.t Schultz1988
Jack A. and Pamela A. Schwandt2004
J. Michael and Linda C. Schwartz2013
Roger and Jean Schwartz2001
Roger W. and B. Jeanne Schwarze2012
Muriel A.t Seal2004
Petert and Susiet Sebens2000
Charles H.t Selle1994
Glenn and Sidney Sellick1998
Joseph F. and Joan B. Sequito1988
Peter A. and Lynne F.t Sethre2012
Hans N.t and Adelinet Sethre1988
Vernont Severson2004
Kent and Alison Shane2014
John P.t Shannon2010
Dora B.t Sheldon1985
Elizabeth Shelver2004
Peter K. and Jane Shen2002
Albint and Alvhild Sherve2000
Diana and Philip Sickles2011
Olivert and Elisabetht Sidney1990
Siebert Lutheran Foundation, Inc., Brookfield, Wis.1991
O. Kennetht and Margaret L.t Siegele1994
O. Kennetht and Margaret L. Siegele1994
Rayt and Ruth Siegle2006
Virgil L.t and Marie K.t Sikkink1994
Geraldt Sime1999
Ernest and Marti Simmons2005
Sterlingt and Esthert Simonson2006
S. Luthert and Audrey P. Simonson2000
Emmat Simonson1990
Arla L.t Simpson2006
Daniel J.t Simundson2002
Agnes C.t Siverson1988
Arnold H. and Carol J. Skaar1999
Robert and Marilyn Skare1993
Eva and Jacobt Skarpohl1992
Margaret H.t Skoglund1997
Doris Slaaten1988
Earl M.t Sletten2003
Alice J.t Sletten1990
Melvin O.t and Joanne Sletten1988
R. Carstent and Margrete O. Smeby2007
Katherine Mueller Smith2007
William A. and Anita L. Smith2003
Ingebor H.t Smith1997
Larry W. and Susan K. Smith1996
Marlene A. Smith1990
Kevan F. and Priscilla Smith1988
Charles L.t and Etta O.t Smithson1993
Hazel E.t Snesrud1991
Neal E. and Judy Snider1994
Dayton E. and Ruth Soby1992
Eleanort Solberg2002
Clarencet and Helen Solberg2001
Mary Ann and Alan Solmonson2005
John P.t and Susanne Soltvedt1990
Narvel A.t and Marilyn D. Somdahl2010
Paul G.t and Evelyn Sonnack1993
Scot and Kathryn Sorensen2012
Szymour G.t Sorenson2002
Grant V.t and Louise Sorenson1997
Dorothy and Morris A.t Sorenson, Jr.1995
Morris A.t Sorenson, Sr.1995
Sanford D.t and Vilgard D.t Sorgen1993
Warren A. Sortebergt2001
Arne B. and Ellen Sovik2008
Edwardt and Anne Sovik1990
Genevieve H.t Sovik1990
Warren and Adelinet Sparling2001
Harold and Judith Spilde2012
Steve and Jeannette Spilde1995
Deb Spivey2005
Robert S. and Jean M. Spong1998
Paul R. and Nellie C. Sponheim1996
Gordon and Dee Sprenger1996
St. Armands Key Lutheran Church, Sarasota, Fla.1991
Grady and Angela St. Dennis2005
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Davenport, Iowa1988
Leroy W. and Elisabeth A. Stadem1996
Michael and Barbara Stadie1990
Wayne N. and Carol E. Stark1989
Greg and Mary Steeber2000
John and Gail Steel2005
Rev. John W.t and Esther V.t Steen2008
Eldon P. and Janis E.t Steffens1992
ElRoy and Janet Steinwand1990
Genevieve E.t Stelberg1988
Dwight and Kathy Stensgaard2013
Robert and Rhoda Stenson2013
Luellat Stensrud1988
Johnt and Hannaht Stensvaag1995
Richard C. and Sawyer Stern1988
Alinat Stevenson2006
Jerome C.t and Helen M.t Stoltenberg1995
Judith Eileen Stone1997
John P.t and Iris L.t Storaasli2010
Alida H.t Storaasli1990
Olaf K.t and Lila L. Storaasli1988
Otto H.t Storm1990
Rudolpht Stoveland1988
F. Philip and Carolyn Strain2004
Constance M. Strand2000
Millard F.t Strand1994
Harold S.t Strand1984
Ellenort Stroebel2000
James C. and Louise E. Stromberg1999
A.K.t and Bertha O.t Stromme1996
Clairt and Gladys Strommen1993
Merton P. and Irene H.t Strommen1989
Paul D. and Janice Y. Stroom2008
Lester D.t and Lillian A.t Sullivan1991
Edward H. and Mary C. Sunde2005
Leland (Lee) and Louise Sundet1997
Ellen R.t Sundin1995
Clarence W.t Sundstrom1985
Eugene W.t and Norma E.t Sussex2004
Lloydt and Annelottet Svendsbye1988
Les and Carolyn Svendsen2011
Amanda O.t Swadberg1981
Clifford J.t and June A.t Swanson1999
John O. and Joanna Swanson1994
Robert G. Swanson1991
Grace and R.D. Swensen1996
Roger E. and LuJean A. Swenson2004
Mark A. and Patricia A. Swenson2001
Duane A. Swenson1991
Lucile G.t Swenson1989
Borghildt Syrdal1995
Vernat Syverson1992
Otto E.t Tabbert1987
Margaret I.t Taft1988
Glenn R. and Rebecca J. Taibl1999
Norman H.t Tallakson1997
Annat Tammen1993
Gary A. and Deanna Tangwall1991
Vicki A. Taylor1999
Mons A. and Shirley Teig1990
Donald and Maryt Teigen2005
Ron Tellefson1999
Wayne T. and Sindy Tellekson1991
Mildred C.t Templin1988
Dorothea Tenney1998
Frederick J. and Claudia W. Tessmer1992
Bruce Thalacker2006
Joyce A. Thompsen and John R. Wright, Jr.1996
Karis Thompson and Mathew Trefz2013
Conradt and Swanhildt Thompson2005
Peter A.t Thompson2002
Ralph and Carol Thompson2001
Ernestt and Mildredt Thompson2001
Dick and Elit Thomsen1998
Tom and Barb Thomsen1995
Lee S. Thoni2011
Ervin E.t Thorson1992
Eldon Thurow2002
Lilliant Thurow2002
A. Palmert and Alice G.t Tidemann1993
Judith A. Tiede2004
James J. and Marilynn S. Tiede1989
David L. and Martha G. Tiede1988
John W.t and Vivian C.t Tiede1988
Donald S.t Timm2000
Gertrudet Tinglestad1988
Ginnyt Tobin2007
Arthurt and Mariet Toenges1989
Marty and Stephanie Tollefson2014
Howard and Georgia Tollefsrud1996
Paul G.t and Carolyn Tolo1998
Lillian C.t Tolo1995
Irene B.t Tolzmann1991
James O. and Carolyn H. Tonneson2003
Samt and Dorothyt Torgrude1999
Robert and Ardelle Torkelson1997
Kenneth R.t Torvik1988
Erwin and Alice Toso2002
Sheldont and Dorothy Tostengard2011
Henryt Treede2004
Gary L. Treu2005
Roy M. Grose-Tribe and Edith L. Tribe1998
Lois and Robert Troemel2004
Dorist Tschudy2014
Robert D. and Marie L. Tufford2004
Katherine Krahn Tulman2007
Douglas E. and Susan L. Tuve2001
Paul L. and Betty Tveite1994
Lorrainet Olson Tveter2003
Irvin R.t Tweeden1988
Robert S.t Twito2005
Robert E. and Margaret H. Twiton2003
Rose Maryt Ulland1999
Duane and Marilynt Ulleland2002
Morris and Grace Ulring1988
Mariont Ulring1988
Oliver C.t and Pipka Ulvilden1993
United Lutheran Church, Grand Forks, N.D.1991
David R.t and Irene N.t Vaaler1999
Timothy and Megan Valen1996
Maureen Van Heerden1995
Kenneth C. and Roberta M. Vance2013
Paul R. and Bette J. Vandersteen2005
Richard D.t and Elaine Vangerud1990
Andrew and Connie Vanvig2010
Thomast Vanvig2000
Marthine E.t Varnum1984
Margarett Vegge2012
Carlt Vegge1995
Harold and Jean Verhulst2003
Richard J. and Janice M. Vetter2005
Grace R. Veum2003
Duain W.t and Donna F. Vierow1988
Berthina S.t Vigdahl1996
Ellat Vigdahl1992
Theodore J. and A. Jane Vinger1988
Vinje Lutheran Church, Willmar, Minn.1988
Steve Vitalich2008
Harold and Eunice Vold2003
Laurat Vold1987
Carl A.t and Lydia A. Volz2004
Rebecca and Thomas von Fischer1996
Arthurt and Barbara Vorhes1993
Earl E. and Patricia Vorpagel2005
Armand F.t Voss2001
Ronald A. and Rebecca A. Voss2001
Melvint and Alice C.t Voxland1988
Howard D.t and Ruth A.t Wagner2007
Willard and Grace S. Wagner2000
Norman W. and Kathryn J. Wahl2009
Lillian A.t Wahrow1991
Thomas H. and Kristin Walker1990
Joseph and Barbara Wall2002
Robert L. and Gwendolyn J. Walrod1996
Reginat Warner1993
Brian R. and LeAnn M. Wasmoen2006
Douglas J. Waterman2009
William S. and Carol A. Waxenberg1991
Marlin and Joy Waylander2003
Robert A.t and Beulah I.t Weber1991
Phyllis E.t Weeks2009
Dennis and Marie Weeks2002
Larry R. Wefring2011
Donald and Charleen Weidenbach2002
Annat Wein1994
Norman G. and Myrna Wente1988
Eugene D. and Leila J. Wenzel1994
Thomas J. and Gloria I. Wesely2005
Carl and Elaine Westby2007
J.M.A.t and Irenet Westermoe2001
Adolpht Herman Westermoe1978
Westwood Lutheran Church, St. Louis Park, Minn.1991
Glen and Jane Wheeler2006
Steven E. Wigdahl2012
Gunnar R.t and Esther I.t Wiig1992
Bonnie L. Wilcox2006
Elsie E.t Wildung1988
Thomas G. and Betty E. Wilkens1996
Viola M.t Williams2006
Gerald I. and Lorraine L.t Williams2002
Griffith and Evelyn Williams1997
Charles I. and I. Naomi Wilson2007
Woodrow W. and Dora S.t Wilson1998
Deant and Betty Winkjer2000
Johnt and Renata Winsor2002
Larry and Jane Winter2010
Marthat Winter2002
Ole and Naomi G. Winter1996
Doris L.t Winters1989
Donald and Janice Wisner2007
Waltert and Margarett Witte1994
Alphat Wittman1993
Olga M.t Wittmer1988
Tilliet Wohler1998
Roberta C.t Wohlrabe1988
Orville K.t and Ednat Wold2000
Fredt and Elinor Wolff1995
Elphie Briggs Wood2000
J.P.t and Barbara Worthington1996
Tim and Rachel Wrenn2013
Dennis N. Wrightt and Lois D. Nance1989
John and Eleanor Yackel1993
LeRoy A. and Janice Yarger1990
Edmund R. and Rose N. Youngquist2009
Bernard E. and Bernice A.t Youngquist2002
Kenneth and Helen Zabel1999
Michael and Carole Zacher2001
Lloydt and Mina Zaudtke1994
Clemens H.t and Pearl E.t Zeidler2001
Violet M.t Zeien1990
Bruce and Ilat Zellmer1999
Darrell W. and Sue H. Zenk2006
Donald F. and Luella Zibell1994
Gerald R.t Ziebeck2010
Curtis and Sonya Zieske1988
Elainet Zimmerman1998
Bob and Joycet Zinnel1996
Zion Lutheran Church, Anoka, Minn.1991

New Heritage Society members are listed in bold.