Memorials and Honorariums

July 01, 2013 - June 30, 2014

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Name Memorial or Honorarium
Mary AafedtMemorial
Molfrid AanningMemorial
Ron AhoMemorial
Raymond J. AlbrechtMemorial
Stanley B. AlbrechtMemorial
All of God's ChildrenHonorarium
All staff and professors at Luther SeminaryHonorarium
Alton AllbeckMemorial
Lynn AllisonMemorial
Estelle AmundsonMemorial
Kim AmundsonMemorial
Ardys AndersonMemorial
Charles AndersonMemorial
Charles S. AndersonMemorial
Gary AndersonHonorarium
Karelyn J. AndersonHonorarium
Kathryn AndersonMemorial
Leonard AndersonMemorial
LeRoy AndersonMemorial
Linda Anderson Honorarium
Marbury AndersonHonorarium
Sylvia AndersonHonorarium
Wendell AndersonMemorial
Jennifer Anderson KoenigMemorial
Patricia AngusMemorial
Mary Ann TeigenMemorial
Margaret AplinMemorial
John Frederick ArcherMemorial
Karen ArnesonMemorial
Beatrice AstrupMemorial
Edwin AstrupMemorial
Paul J. AureleiusMemorial
Marjorie B. AureliusHonorarium
Paul Aurelius Memorial
Charles AurundHonorarium
George AusMemorial
Mavis AustinMemorial
Lawrence BachmanMemorial
George BallMemorial
Marilyn BallMemorial
Charles BallardHonorarium
Patsy R. BannickMemorial
Millie BansmerMemorial
Donald Baron Memorial
Ryan BarrowsMemorial
Robert A. BartelsMemorial
Tyler BasemanMemorial
Grace BeachMemorial
Donna BechdoltMemorial
William BechdoltMemorial
Mark BechessHonorarium
Frederick E. BeckerHonorarium
Don BehrendtMemorial
Gladys BehrendtMemorial
Johnny BellMemorial
Betty BelvaMemorial
Henry BelvaMemorial
Nate BendorfHonorarium
Donald E. BentleyMemorial
Catherine BentonMemorial
Rosalinde BergMemorial
Sherwood Berg Memorial
Terry BergMemorial
Gregory A. BergerMemorial
Veda Mae BergesonHonorarium
Betty BerryMemorial
Edward BersagelMemorial
John D. BersagelHonorarium
Gary Beson Honorarium
Bethel United Church of ChristHonorarium
Jane Bierstedt RiekeMemorial
Dorothy BjerkeMemorial
Evelyn BjorklundMemorial
Lois BjorlieMemorial
Alice BlackmanMemorial
Bruce BladoMemorial
Tim BlevinsHonorarium
John BlomMemorial
Stephen BlumMemorial
Wilfred BockelmanMemorial
Wanda BodineMemorial
Meg BogerHonorarium
Minnie BonderudHonorarium
Dietrich BonhoefferMemorial
Julie BootsMemorial
Robert BornemanMemorial
Claus BosholmMemorial
William BoutonMemorial
Edith Bracken Memorial
Henry BrandtMemorial
LeVern BrassardMemorial
Myron BraunMemorial
Karl BreddinHonorarium
Rebecca BreddinHonorarium
Jack BredfeldtMemorial
T. Edwards BreedHonorarium
Kenneth D. BriggsMemorial
Walter BrueggemannHonorarium
Ronald BruggerMemorial
Vae Jean BuehlerHonorarium
Kelly Jean BurdHonorarium
Kari Burke-RomarheimHonorarium
Roger BurtnessMemorial
Patti ButlerMemorial
William D. Butler, Sr.Memorial
Winston P. Caine, Jr.Memorial
Beulah CampbellMemorial
Harold CampbellMemorial
Arlyn CarlsonMemorial
Eugene CarlsonMemorial
George CarlsonMemorial
Irene CarlsonMemorial
Francis CarterMemorial
Marie Teresa CastanonMemorial
Charlotte CheathamMemorial
Kevin CheungHonorarium
Lorena ChildsMemorial
Mary Chilton Jean TornessMemorial
Adeline ChristensonMemorial
Linda ChristiansonHonorarium
Owen ChristiansonHonorarium
Christine L. ChristopohersonMemorial
Sammy ClarkHonorarium
Lloyd ClementsMemorial
Russell CochranHonorarium
Verna CochranHonorarium
Becky CoerperHonorarium
Congregation of St. John Lutheran Bellefonte, Pa.Honorarium
Richard ConlonMemorial
Paul L. ConradMemorial
Steve CookHonorarium
Lavonne CooperHonorarium
Susan Cowling MillsMemorial
Roy D. CraigMemorial
Jim CrittendenMemorial
Mitzi CrittendenMemorial
Robert E. CroftonMemorial
Doris CrookMemorial
Janet M. CruysMemorial
Kerine A. CruysMemorial
Marjorie CurrierMemorial
Susan P. CurryMemorial
Jennifer CuthbertsonHonorarium
Richard DakinsMemorial
Henriette Davis BrooksMemorial
Mildred DeraufMemorial
BJ DesaiHonorarium
Krista Dickenson Honorarium
Ruth Ann DiehlHonorarium
DMin in Preaching Program at The Univ. of the South Sewanee School of Theology, Sewanee, Tenn.Honorarium
Robert DrewesMemorial
Canon Walter DyerHonorarium
Dorothy EarsleyHonorarium
Nancy EastonHonorarium
Rebecca Ebb-SpeeseHonorarium
Neil T. EcksteinMemorial
William R. EdwardsHonorarium
Emmet EklundMemorial
Marion EklundMemorial
Eldon EllingsonMemorial
Terri EltonHonorarium
Maren EmersonHonorarium
Max EmersonHonorarium
Adeline EndersonMemorial
Alan E. EricksenMemorial
Harold A. EricksonMemorial
Henry EricksonMemorial
Joel EricksonHonorarium
August Eschenbacher Jr.Memorial
Jerry EvenrudHonorarium
Joyce M. EvensonMemorial
Sara FaeMemorial
Faith Lutheran ParishHonorarium
Charlotte FankhanelMemorial
Kristin FarrellMemorial
Jami FecherHonorarium
Pam FickenscherHonorarium
David N. Finney Memorial
First Presbyterian Church of Sterling, Ill.Honorarium
First United Church of Bloomington, Ind.Honorarium
Leonard FlachmanMemorial
Peter James FlammingMemorial
Pam FlowerMemorial
Steve FoppianoMemorial
James Forbes Jr.Honorarium
Bill FordHonorarium
Linda FordHonorarium
Rick FossHonorarium
Harry FosterMemorial
Leslie FoxHonorarium
Anne FrameHonorarium
Bill FrameHonorarium
David FrankHonorarium
Peter J. Frano, Jr.Honorarium
Ruth FreemanMemorial
Stephen Freeman Memorial
Terence FretheimHonorarium
Terrance FretheimMemorial
Sue FretlandHonorarium
Esther FribergMemorial
George FribergMemorial
Barney FriesthHonorarium
Bea FriesthHonorarium
Cedrick FullerHonorarium
Gavin FullerHonorarium
Louisa FureMemorial
William GabbeMemorial
Ingrid GangestadMemorial
Nick Gangestad Memorial
Gary ChildsMemorial
Gary KublyMemorial
JW GavinMemorial
Teresa GoatesMemorial
Leona GoehleMemorial
Bob GoeserMemorial
Richard G. GoffHonorarium
Darwin GohlMemorial
Kathryn Golberg WilliamsMemorial
Charles Goodman, Sr.Memorial
Stewart GovigMemorial
Carol GrenderMemorial
Melverne GresethMemorial
Stan GrievHonorarium
Xenya GriffithHonorarium
Mary Anne GrimmellMemorial
Eric GritschMemorial
Ruth GrotheMemorial
Lee K. Grover IIIMemorial
Bob GunsallusMemorial
Miriam GustafsonMemorial
Roger GustafsonHonorarium
Harvey H. Guthrie Jr.Honorarium
Don HagenMemorial
Eldor HagenMemorial
Marvin L. HagenMemorial
Albert N. Hall, Sr.Memorial
R. Alvin Hall, Sr.Memorial
Karen HalvorsonMemorial
Marion HansenHonorarium
Maynard HansenHonorarium
Philip L. HansenMemorial
Jim HansonHonorarium
Paul A. HansonMemorial
Peter HansonHonorarium
Harford County Episcopal Clergy Bible StudyHonorarium
Keith HarkeHonorarium
Dan Harrington Memorial
Luetta HastagerMemorial
Mary HatlestadHonorarium
Selmer HatlestadHonorarium
Ardis I. HaugenMemorial
Terje HauskenMemorial
David HayesHonorarium
Richard HedenstromMemorial
Lois HegnaHonorarium
Ruth Ann Heider JonnsonMemorial
David HeimMemorial
Edmond (Ted) HeislerMemorial
Norman HeitzMemorial
Adolph B. HeltneMemorial
Jennie HemrickHonorarium
Neil G. HendricksonMemorial
Patsy HeniganHonorarium
Margaret Herbrandson Honorarium
Herman StuempfleMemorial
Joel HernesHonorarium
Craig HerrickHonorarium
Gerald L. HickmanMemorial
Hilda NelsonMemorial
Carroll HinderlieMemorial
Richard C. HintzHonorarium
Rodney E. HirtMemorial
Nathan HixenbaughMemorial
Gladys HoemMemorial
John HoemMemorial
Fred HoffMemorial
Greggory HoffmanHonorarium
Helmer HollevoetMemorial
David HolmHonorarium
Meredith HolmHonorarium
Merrie Sue HoltanHonorarium
Vernon HolteMemorial
Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran ChurchHonorarium
Ruth HooverMemorial
Chevis HorneMemorial
Dianna HortonMemorial
Verlyn HoweMemorial
Audrey HuggenvikMemorial
Gerhard HuggenvikMemorial
Tom HunstadMemorial
Julia Huttar Bailey Honorarium
I. Z. HylandMemorial
Mildred Hyland DrentlawMemorial
Charles JacksonHonorarium
Lois JacksonHonorarium
Elizabeth Jackson LargentMemorial
Leonard JacobsenMemorial
Edward JacobsonMemorial
Jean JacobsonMemorial
Murrell JacobsonMemorial
Wilma JacobsonMemorial
Arlene JohnsonHonorarium
David L. JohnsonMemorial
Ellen JohnsonMemorial
Faith JohnsonMemorial
George S. JohnsonHonorarium
Helen JohnsonMemorial
I. Murray Johnson Memorial
Milton S. JohnsonMemorial
Murray JohnsonMemorial
Norma JohnsonMemorial
Odell JohnsonHonorarium
Robert JohnsonMemorial
Sanford JohnsonMemorial
Terry JohnsonHonorarium
Ronald JohnstadMemorial
Winifred JolsonMemorial
Ruth E. JonesMemorial
Lyle JorenbyMemorial
Ailie JungellMemorial
Susan KallestadMemorial
Lois KamerlohrHonorarium
J. Richard KauffmanMemorial
Larry KeeneMemorial
Sheri KimballHonorarium
Roald A. KindemHonorarium
Lisa KippHonorarium
Oliver M. KirkebyMemorial
Clair KittelsonHonorarium
Leona KittelsonHonorarium
Connie KleingartnerMemorial
Maxine KlevenMemorial
W.A. KnetenMemorial
Helen KnutsonMemorial
Lucille KochMemorial
Jenniver KoenigMemorial
Richard KoenigMemorial
Mary Marguerite KohnMemorial
Marc KoldenHonorarium
Thelma KorsnessMemorial
Vernon Kort Memorial
Betsy KrantzHonorarium
Karl KrantzHonorarium
Hilmer KrauseHonorarium
Eugene KreiderMemorial
Bernice KruegerHonorarium
Robert A. KruegerMemorial
Alice KuenemannHonorarium
Erwin KurtzMemorial
Cecilia Ann LaddMemorial
Kay LammersMemorial
Heather LampertHonorarium
Chick LaneHonorarium
Dirk LangeHonorarium
Alfred H. LanghoughMemorial
Jerry LarsenMemorial
Martin D. LarsenMemorial
Agnes LarsonHonorarium
Amaretta LarsonMemorial
Calvin LarsonHonorarium
Jerome F. LarsonHonorarium
C. Edwin LasburyMemorial
Allen LeeMemorial
David E. LeeMemorial
Hazel LeeMemorial
Sharon LeeHonorarium
Sylvia LeeMemorial
Howard LePierMemorial
Jane LepistoHonorarium
Bob LewisHonorarium
Karoline LewisHonorarium
Ted LewisonMemorial
John LiemohnMemorial
James LimburgHonorarium
Richard LindHonorarium
Elizabeth Ann Lindbeck VisteMemorial
Bill LinderMemorial
Jim LindusHonorarium
John LinnerMemorial
Meredith LitseyMemorial
Jonathan LitznerHonorarium
Living Water Lutheran Church, Stevensville, Md.Honorarium
Lloyd RatkovichMemorial
Diane LobergerMemorial
Herb LoddigsMemorial
Lillian LofstrandMemorial
Tim LohmanMemorial
Robert F. LohseMemorial
David LoseHonorarium
Florence LuceMemorial
Paul Christian LuckyMemorial
Betty Lundby MoeMemorial
Carl LundquistHonorarium
Dorothy LundquistHonorarium
Luther Seminary D. Min. ProgramHonorarium
Luther Seminary FacultyHonorarium
Luther Seminary StudentsHonorarium
Laurae Y. LygreHonorarium
Esther Lygre HolteHonorarium
Olaf MagisMemorial
Eivor MagistadMemorial
David H. ManrodtMemorial
Mark A. FrickeyMemorial
Austin MarkiewiczHonorarium
Roland MartinsonHonorarium
Roland D. MartinsonHonorarium
Tom MasonHonorarium
Kay MathisonHonorarium
John MatsonMemorial
John W. MatsonMemorial
John Winton MatsonMemorial
Eva Mea MatthewMemorial
Glenn MatthewMemorial
Scott MaxwellHonorarium
Jacob MayenHonorarium
Paul MaysMemorial
Lorraine D. McCarterMemorial
Members of St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Grand Forks, N.D.Honorarium
Florrie MercerMemorial
Dorothy MessersMemorial
Carol MeyerMemorial
Ramona MeyerMemorial
Sandy MiddendorfHonorarium
Maynard MidthunMemorial
Dollie MillerMemorial
Mace MillerMemorial
Susan MillerHonorarium
Doris MishlerHonorarium
Dorothy MishlerHonorarium
David MohnHonorarium
Kendra MohnHonorarium
Christopher J. MollerMemorial
Charles Mondsager Memorial
Mary MonsonMemorial
William C. MooreMemorial
Walter J. Mycoff, Sr.Memorial
Arvid C. MyhrwoldMemorial
Gene NackMemorial
Gene NackHonorarium
Narrative LectionaryHonorarium
Gary NeidertHonorarium
Louise NeidertHonorarium
A.P. NelsonMemorial
Arlene Nelson Memorial
Hubert NelsonHonorarium
Joan NelsonMemorial
Laura June NelsonMemorial
Marjorie NelsonHonorarium
Carl NessMemorial
Julie NessMemorial
Janice NeumannMemorial
Margaret Mary Nieman RowleyHonorarium
John NilsenHonorarium
Joel NjusMemorial
North New Hope Lutheran ParishHonorarium
Kenny NuernbergerMemorial
Olive NyenhuisMemorial
Kathi NygaardHonorarium
Orwin NysetvoldMemorial
Dick NysseHonorarium
Jim O'ConnellHonorarium
Phyllis O'ConnellHonorarium
Ricardo OcampoMemorial
Keith OdneyMemorial
Elaine OlmonMemorial
Luther OlmonMemorial
Arthur L. OlsenMemorial
Art OlsonMemorial
Kathy OlsonMemorial
Merville L. OlsonMemorial
Carolyn Olson Canfield Honorarium
Clark Olson-SmithHonorarium
Sara Olson-SmithHonorarium
Rich Omland Honorarium
Bernard OnerheimMemorial
Carl OpsahlMemorial
Mark OrvikHonorarium
Elisa Osman Honorarium
Lydia OsmanHonorarium
Timothy OsmanHonorarium
Our Redeemer Lutheran Congregation, Bryan S.D.Honorarium
Our Triune GodHonorarium
Juanita PalmerMemorial
Marvin PalmquistMemorial
Constance Panther JenningsMemorial
Darren PaulsonHonorarium
George PearsonMemorial
Byron PedersonMemorial
Faye PerkinsHonorarium
Arlyce PetersonMemorial
Dwight PetersonHonorarium
Harold PetersonHonorarium
Pete PetersonHonorarium
Wayne PetersonMemorial
Larry PettersonMemorial
Wilma PiersonHonorarium
Linda PirtleHonorarium
Shane PirtleHonorarium
David PlaceMemorial
Charles PlasterHonorarium
Scott Postlewait Honorarium
Marianne PowryHonorarium
Robert PreussHonorarium
LaVonne Prieb Memorial
Rose PuetzMemorial
Bob QuamHonorarium
Jo QuanbeckHonorarium
Helen QuelloMemorial
Gerry RaffteryHonorarium
John RahjaHonorarium
Frank RandolphMemorial
Ingrid RasmussenHonorarium
Logan RawMemorial
Daniel J. ReardonMemorial
Richard ReevesMemorial
Kaari ReiersonHonorarium
Marge ReiersonMemorial
Ray ReiffenbergerMemorial
Verle ReinekeMemorial
Luther ReinertsenMemorial
Nirmala ReinschmidtHonorarium
Amalia ReirtsonMemorial
Jack Richards Honorarium
Maryann RiebeHonorarium
John RiesMemorial
Delbert RingMemorial
Scott RinglerHonorarium
Wendy RinglerHonorarium
Dennis RistvedtHonorarium
Holger RoggelinHonorarium
Aaron RognessMemorial
Michael RognessMemorial
Peter RognessMemorial
Peter RognessHonorarium
Al RommereimMemorial
Janice RomsdahlMemorial
Paul O. RomstadMemorial
Marie RonkHonorarium
Paul RoremHonorarium
Delores RortvedtMemorial
Ira N. RosensteinMemorial
Patricia E. RosensteinMemorial
Frank B. Rossiter, Jr.Memorial
Harlan RosvoldHonorarium
Nora RosvoldMemorial
John RottoMemorial
John T. RottoMemorial
David RoufsHonorarium
Kenneth RoufsHonorarium
Laurie RoufsHonorarium
Lorraine RoufsHonorarium
Don RudrudHonorarium
Luverne T. RunestadMemorial
Arlyn RuscheHonorarium
Ralph S. RusleyMemorial
Rena RustadMemorial
Jennifer RyggHonorarium
Cathryn RykkenMemorial
Thorwald A. RykkenMemorial
Gene SailerMemorial
Saints of Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, Penasco, N.M.Honorarium
Edith SamuelsonMemorial
Edith SamuelsonHonorarium
Paul SamuelsonHonorarium
Carl J. SandbeckMemorial
Cecil SandersonMemorial
Grace SandersonMemorial
Russell C. SanodenMemorial
Don SaucheMemorial
Anna ScharadinMemorial
Edward SchroederHonorarium
Howard SchroederMemorial
Liam SchroederHonorarium
Dorothy SchulzHonorarium
Max SchwolertMemorial
Charles P. SeltzerMemorial
Craig SemensonHonorarium
Paul SettergrenHonorarium
Clarice ShankMemorial
Virgie ShorterMemorial
Harald SigmarMemorial
Mary Simonson ClarkHonorarium
Daniel SimundsonMemorial
John SippolaMemorial
Marilyn SkatrudHonorarium
Roger SkatrudHonorarium
Marie SmedsrudMemorial
Bob SmithMemorial
Frank Smith Memorial
James E. SmithMemorial
Joyce SmithMemorial
Robert SmithMemorial
Tonia Michelle SmithMemorial
Jay SnookMemorial
Ronald M. SolheimMemorial
Henry SondergaardMemorial
Harry T. SorensonMemorial
Ed SovikMemorial
Edward B. SpenceMemorial
Paul SponheimHonorarium
Don SpooMemorial
St. John United Church of Christ, Kankakee, Ill.Honorarium
St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Paducah, Ky.Honorarium
Staff of the Western Iowa Synod Honorarium
Les StanoHonorarium
Reta StaufferMemorial
Walter StaufferMemorial
Bruce StavenhagenMemorial
Donald SteegeMemorial
Robin SteinkeHonorarium
Orville StenersonMemorial
Una June StephensMemorial
Ian Sterling SheplerMemorial
Mary Theresa SterudMemorial
Terri SterudMemorial
Stan Stevens Memorial
Chuck StewartHonorarium
Arnold StilwellMemorial
Hazel G. StilwellMemorial
W.E. StilwellMemorial
Robert StoverMemorial
Valborg StrandMemorial
Gwendolyn StrikeMemorial
Edna StromMemorial
William StroopMemorial
Bill StrothmanMemorial
Melvin H. StruckMemorial
Jerry StubbsMemorial
Mary Stumme FroilandHonorarium
Mark SuarenMemorial
Scott SwanHonorarium
Julie Swanson PlummerMemorial
Lloyd A. SwendsbyeMemorial
John SwensenMemorial
Mary SwinamerMemorial
Norbert Syrstad Memorial
Frank Szewczyk, Sr.Memorial
Mary A. TeigenMemorial
The Episcopal Clergy of Harford CountyHonorarium
The parishioners of St. ChristopherHonorarium
The People of Holy Spirit ChurchHonorarium
The Staff of the Nassau Presbyterian ChurchHonorarium
Nancy ThomasMemorial
Swanhild ThompsonMemorial
Richard E. Thompson Sr,Memorial
George Thompson-Quartey, Sr.Memorial
David TiedeHonorarium
Muffy TiedeHonorarium
Robert TillmanMemorial
Sylvia TimmonsMemorial
DeWayne TitzeMemorial
Lyle TjosaasMemorial
Wesley TollefsonMemorial
Ann TomecekMemorial
John TomecekMemorial
Eleanor Jean TomlinsonMemorial
Patrick TorbitHonorarium
Frank TorodeMemorial
Sheldon TostengardMemorial
Erik Hansen TouMemorial
Margaret TracyMemorial
Martha TrautmannMemorial
Martha TrautmannHonorarium
Michael Trautmann, Honorarium
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran ChurchHonorarium
Gladys TroutmanMemorial
Norma UhlikMemorial
Eileen Ulland Memorial
Rose UllandMemorial
Jeremy UllrichHonorarium
Hanna VaagenesMemorial
Morris VaagenesMemorial
Craig Van GelderHonorarium
Betty Van RietMemorial
James VeningaMemorial
Victory Lutheran ChurchHonorarium
Duain VierowMemorial
Bill VincentHonorarium
Jan VincentHonorarium
Lawrence VinsonHonorarium
Carl VolzMemorial
Donna von Fischer Honorarium
Phil von FischerHonorarium
Ema VossMemorial
Harold VossMemorial
Jeannette WaageMemorial
Dave WagnerHonorarium
Conrad N. WalkerMemorial
Margaret WallHonorarium
Truman WangMemorial
Barbara WangsnessHonorarium
Ann WardMemorial
Roy WashillHonorarium
Richard WasmoenMemorial
E.J. WaterhouseMemorial
Edward WaterhouseMemorial
Karl WatkinsMemorial
Ruth WatsonMemorial
John F. WeaverMemorial
Brigitte WeberMemorial
Kim WeberMemorial
Robert F. WeibergMemorial
Julie WerfelmannHonorarium
Rhoda WhiteHonorarium
Paul WillMemorial
Ken WilsonHonorarium
Jackson WinchHonorarium
Naomi WinterHonorarium
Ole WinterHonorarium
Larry WohlrabeHonorarium
Theodore F. WolfMemorial
Working Preacher CommentatorsHonorarium
Working Preacher podcast preachersHonorarium
Working Preacher.orgHonorarium
working preachers everywhereHonorarium
John WyattMemorial
Leon ZavadilMemorial
Clem ZeidlerMemorial
Carol ZeiglerMemorial
Frank ZeiglerMemorial