Sustaining Fund

While Luther Seminary thanks God for gifts for named scholarships, endowed chairs and special funds, it is unrestricted gifts—those with no strings attached—that are most crucial to keeping the seminary running each year.  

Last year the Sustaining Fund and other budget-relieving gifts supported 45 percent of the seminary's budget!

 This is a powerful funding tool that helps the seminary: 

  • Attract the best students and teachers
  • Create strong programming
  • Keep the cost of tuition down
  • Support the cost of operating the seminary

A Special Commitment

By giving to the Sustaining Fund, you are making a special commitment to Luther Seminary. You are showing that you entrust the seminary's leadership with the flexibility to use these gifts where they will have the greatest impact on the quality of seminary education our future church leaders are receiving. 

What does the Sustaining Fund support?

Thank You

A special thank you to the thousands of donors who each year give generous gifts without strings. The mission of Luther Seminary depends on you.

Learn more

Ready to learn more about how a gift to the Sustaining Fund helps prepare future church leaders? Contact the Office of Seminary Relations at or 888-358-8437.