Mission and Ministry (M&M) Forums

Throughout the academic year, the Global Mission Institute provides special discussion forums. These lunchtime forums are informal gatherings where the seminary community can learn about and discuss various topics, including cross-cultural ministry, missiology, opportunities for involvement in the global church, and issues of peace and social justice. Faculty, special guests, and other knowledgeable presenters lead discussions, and attendees are welcome to come and go as needed. 

 2014-2015 Mission and ministry forums

MoN., Sept. 15 + 11:40a.m.-12:20p.m. + OCC Reading Lecture Room (Lower Level)

Rev. Dr. Kenneth Mtata - Do You Understand What You Read? Towards an Intercontextual Hermeneutics for Church Renewal and Social Transformation.



Steadfast Witness: Daoud Nassar, Director of the Tent of Nations Project

Daoud Nassar is a Palestinian Christian farmer whose family works its 100-acre farm and orchard just outside the town of Bethlehem.  It is on his farm that the family members strive to maintain a haven of peace and brother/sisterhood through activities at Tent of Nations (TON), a dynamic peace and local education center established by the Nassar family in 2000. On May 19th of this year, Israeli Military bulldozers destroyed several hundred trees on their farm. Come and hear his family’s courageous response to such action.


WED., Nov. 12 + 11:45A.M.-12:30P.M. + OCC Dining Room C

Ebola Efforts; Global Health Ministries




  • The forums are to connect the seminary experience to wider contexts by bringing to campus resource people in cross-cultural, global mission, and peace & justice areas of interest.

  • The program is to highlight the diversity and expertise of our students, staff, faculty, and community resources by creating times for sharing stories and experience.

  • The forums are to function as a vital link between the Global Mission Institute and the Cross-Cultural Education Program as well as the Mission and World Christianity emphasis.

Immediate Goals

  1. To promote conversation with people in faith, mission, and peace & justice work.

  2. To provide opportunities for learning which have a multi-cultural focus.

  3. To increase the visibility of the seminary's own cross-cultural resource people.

  4. To better connect the campus with other global contexts.

Long Range Goals

  1. To foster a spirit of cooperation and community among those interested in cross-cultural mission, ministry, and learning.

  2. To augment implications of Christian faith and seminary learning.