Agora at Luther Seminary

Announcement: GMI welcomes AGORA Program at Luther Seminary

The AGORA Program at Luther Seminary focuses on equipping lay people from ethnic-specific and multicultural congregations for Christian mission and ministry through its Christian Leadership Training for a Multicultural World program. This program trains lay people from ethnic specific and multicultural congregations to assume congregational leadership roles in ministries of education, congregational care, and proclamation.

Watch here for details about additional seminars for new immigrant and multicultural congregations and congregations seeking to learn how to meet and walk with the newcomers in their communities.

2013-14 Christian Leadership Training:

Ministries of Education:

This course, which is based on the study of scripture, prepares lay leaders to serve in their congregations in roles such as teaching Sunday school, leading Bible studies for adults and youth, and leading afterschool and summer programs for children and youth.

No pre-requisites

(classes meet on Saturdays, 8:30am-12:00pm)
Location: Luther Seminary Northwestern Hall

Fall Semester

September 14, 28; October 12, 26; & November 9, 2013
5 Sessions

Spring Semester

March 15, 29; April 12, 26; & May 10, 2014
5 Sessions


Congregations can support the AGORA mission in a variety of ways, including:

  • Offering hospitality at a class session—greeting students, providing refreshments
  • Enrolling in one of Agora’s programs
  • Sponsoring a scholarship to support a student studying Christian
  • Leadership Training
  • Learning more about local neighborhood newcomers
  • Offering input to shape the educational programs of AGORA
  • Providing ongoing financial support

Read about AGORA's work with Bethlehem Lutheran, St. Cloud, MN.

What does "Agora" mean?

Agora is a Greek word that means “marketplace.”  In Greek, Agora is the word for the place where people gather. That might be at school or work. It might be the marketplace – where  people shop. Or, it may be church.

Whatever the place where people gather, we notice more and more in the Twin Cities and across the Midwest, the people with whom we gather are coming from diverse parts of the world.

Agora came into being to serve as a place where people from many different cultures and countries might come together to share the love of Christ, and to encourage and support congregations as they seek to be places of gathering of many cultures and peoples.

One way that Agora encourages and supports congregations is by offering training for those new Americans who feel called to leadership in their congregations.

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