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New Book Series on World Christianity

The new Encounters in World Christianity (EWC) series is an outcome of Luther Seminary's commitment to world Christianity and the mission of God in the contemporary world of many cultures, religions and political systems. It is funded by the Justice and Christian Community Program and the Global Mission Institute, and published through Lutheran University Press. Since it is widely acknowledged that the gravity of Christianity is shifting to Africa, Asia and Latin America, we hope that this new forum will provide opportunities for theologians from these continents to publish their contributions.

EWC is supplemented by the Contemporary Issues in Mission & World Christianity series which is geared more toward use in the congregations and reflects ecclesial / Christian life subjects. The following five books, written by Luther Seminary graduates, make up the series and can be ordered through the Luther Seminary bookstore.

Series: "Encounters in World Christianity"

christ as sacrament and example "Christ as Sacrament and Example: Lutheran Theology of the Cross and its Relevance for South Asia,"

by Jhakmak Neeraj Ekka
(Ph.D. 2005)

Order through the Luther Seminary Bookstore


christ holy church international "Christ Holy Church International: The Story of an African Independent Church"

by Thomas Oduro
(M.A. 1994, Ph.D. 2004)

Order through the Luther Seminary Bookstore


a theology of mission "A Theology of Mission: Challenges and Opportunities in Northeast Asia"

by Gaylan Mathiesen
(Ph.D. 2006)

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Series: "Contemporary Issues in Mission and World Christianity"

mission and migration "Mission and Migration: Fifty-Two African and Asian Congregations in Minnesota"

by Dana Nelson
(M.Div. 2007)

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shoulder to shoulder/bega kwa bega "Shoulder to Shoulder/Bega Kwa Bega: A Lutheran Partnership between Minnesota and Tanzania"

by Richard Lubawa
(M.Th. 1997)

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