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International Student Biographies

Congregations and organizations are often interested in inviting Luther Seminary's international students to be present for an event, speak at a forum or program, or come to preach. Here is some information about our international students; please note that a few of them prefer not to be speakers at this time. 

For more information about arranging to have an international student speaker, please e-mail the GMI. Please include the date(s), type of presentation (forum, sermon), topic, time frame, church or organization, location, your title and contact information. Please allow at least two-three weeks lead time. You may request a specific student, or a representative from a specific area of the world or country, and we will do our best to accommodate you. We ask that you provide transportation for our students, unless otherwise arranged.

Luther Seminary also offers an online Resource Guide for congregations which includes a listing of professors available for pulpit preaching and leading Bible studies or adult forums. 


Rev. Andrés Roberto Albertsen is an ordained pastor in The Danish Church Abroad/ Danish Seamen’s Church in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Andrés is fluent in Danish, Spanish and English. He has visited the United States before as a tourist and studied at LSTC in Chicago for six months in 2009. He is pursuing a PhD in Systematic Theology. He likes to watch quiz shows and chat about US politics. He is willing to give presentations about Danes in Argentina, Søren Kierkegaard, and his seminary in Argentina. He hopes to return to Argentina and work as a pastor again while teaching systematic theology at the seminary there.



Irene Amon Adei is affiliated with the United Christian Mission in Ghana. Irene has come to Luther to pursue her M.A. Degree in Congregational Mission & Leadership. Before coming to Luther Seminary Irene was the youth leader and a member of the intercessory board at her church. She would also preach and teach during some church services. Irene has special interest in music, both singing and listening. Irene’s goal is to return to Ghana after her studies at Luther and work as educational director at her church. She hopes to build better ministries in her church and other area churches. She is available to speak about her home church and different leadership style used in the churches of Ghana.



DilamDilame_Ateboe Gebre Atebo is an Ethiopian Lutheran. She has come to Luther Seminary to study Children, Youth, and Family Ministry. Before travelling to the U.S. Dilame worked as a consultant and volunteered for the Ethiopia Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus. When she returns to Ethiopia, she hopes to continue working in community development and the church. In her free time she enjoys going good conversation and going for walks. Dilame would be happy to speak to groups about current events and politics.


Mesfin AyeleMesfin Ayele, an Ethiopian Lutheran, completed his Masters in Congregational Mission and Leadership in May 2011 and is now pursuing a PhD. His wife is here with him.





Ibrahim Bitrus


Ibrahim Bitrus is from Nigeria and is affiliated with the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria. Ibrahim speaks Chamba, Hausa, and English and enjoys swimming, fishing, and hunting in his spare time. Before coming to Luther Seminary, Ibrahim was teaching at the Bronnum Lutheran Seminary in Yola, Nigeria. He has come to Luther Seminary to pursue a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology. Upon returning to Nigeria and to his wife and four children, Ibrahim plans on resuming his teaching position at Bronnum Lutheran Seminary and also to write vibrant theology for Nigeria.



Bonio Maine BBonio_Bokunokun is from Papua New Guinea and a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea. Bonio did his undergraduate study in Washington, and he has returned to the U.S. to study Children, Youth, and Family Ministry at Luther. Before coming to Luther he worked as a pastor and teacher at a Lutheran college in his home country. He has a wife and six children. In addition to English, Bonio speaks Kuman and Pidgin. He enjoys watching movies, playing rugby, and singing in choir. A talented speaker, Bonio enjoys talking to groups about his country, church, and his work. After completing his degree, Bonio hopes to return to Papua New Guinea and teach at the seminary.



Ole Kristian Bratseth is a Norwegian Lutheran who has spent the last three years in professional studies of theology. For fun, Ole enjoys sports, music, movies and traveling. He even played soccer for 19 years! Ole is also musical, he sings and plays guitar. After his studies at Luther, Ole hopes to return to Norway and work as a priest in the Lutheran Church of Norway. Ole is available to speak about the Norwegian Church, Norway, and the relationship between sports and church leadership.




Etana Debel is frEtana Debelom Ethiopia and is affiliated with the Ethiopian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Mekane Yesus. He has come to Luther Seminary to pursue a Ph.D. in Church History. Etana speaks Oromo, Amharic, and English and enjoys reading, teaching, participating in intercessory prayer and leading small groups. Before arriving at Luther Seminary, Etana acted as the Dean of Studies at the Nekemte Christian Education College, Dean of the Department of Theology at Mekane Yesus Seminary, and professor of church history, church administration, and stewardship. His wife and two children have joined him at Luther. Upon returning to Ethiopia, Etana plans on teaching history and church polity.

 Samuel Deressa


Samuel Deressa has come from Ethiopia where he is affiliated with the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus. Before coming to Luther Seminary, Samuel was a president of one of the graduate schools where he gave training on leadership (Foundation for Academic Excellence Ministry) and was a lecturer at Mekane Yesus Seminary on African Theology and Christian Muslim Relations in Africa. Samuel speaks his mother tongue Oromo and also Amharic and English. Playing guitar, reading and participating in social events are the hobbies and interests Samuel enjoys along with his special talent of playing guitar and organizing events. During his time at Luther, Samuel will be pursuing a Ph.D. When he returns home, Samuel feels called to strengthen the institutional capacities of Ethiopia’s Theological Schools in such a way as to produce leaders of transformation. His wife and child remain in Ethiopia.


Bayesa Jabesa Disasa is from Ethiopia and is affiliated with the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus. He has come to Luther to obtain his M.Th. in Congregational Mission and Leadership. Before coming to Luther, Bayesa worked as a coordinator for Evangelical church fellowships for mission; he also volunteered in the outreach ministries of local congregations. He hopes to widen the scope of this work when he returns to Ethiopia. Bayesa would be happy to speak about the contextualization of mission and evangelism. He is also available to speak about the HIV/AIDS epidemic, especially as it affects orphans and highly vulnerable children.




Hrang Hlei is fromHrang Hlie Burma. He is affiliated with the American Baptist Church and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Congregational Mission and Leadership. Hrang speaks 3 languages, Chin, Burmese and English. He is interested in reading, biking and playing table tennis (ping pong). Hrang completed a M.A. at Princeton Theological Seminary; prior to coming to the U.S., Hrang taught at the Myanmar Institute of Theology. Hrang has continued to serve as a part-time pastor in a local Baptist church in Burma while he has been in the U.S. Upon returning home, Hrang plans to resume his teaching ministry and continue being a pastor. Hrang's wife and daughter are here with him. 





Phares Kakulima

Rev. Phares Kakulima returns to Luther from Tanzania where he was serving as a pastor and assistant to the bishop in the Karagwe Diocese. At Luther, he is now working on a PhD in Congregational Mission and Leadership. Phares speaks Kinyambo, Kiswahili, and English and he enjoys listening to and helping people, reading and especially walking. When he has completed his PhD he plans to continue his pastoral work and begin teaching as well. Phares is available to speak to interested groups regarding social and religious life in Tanzania.





Rev. Jesse G. S. King, Sr. is a Liberian Lutheran pastor. He has come to Luther to obtain an M.A. degree in History of Christianity. Back home, Jesse has a wife and four children. He enjoys reading, listening to music, and talking about theology. Before coming to Luther, Jesse served as a youth pastor and as a training director for lay people in the church. After completing his degree at Luther, Jesse plans to go back to Liberia to teach at the seminary and organize community programs. He is happy to speak about the congregational life and youth activities of the Liberian Lutheran church.




Wondimu SonessaRev. Wondimu Legesse Sonessa: Wondimu is a Lutheran pastor in the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus from the Addis Ababa region of Ethiopia. As an active lecturer and preacher, Wondimu has served as pastor of EECMY congregations and, most recently, as Dean of Mekane Yesus Seminary. Afan, Oromo, Amharic and English are all languages Wondimu speaks and he enjoys playing and watching sports as well as reading. He has come to Luther to earn a Masters of Theology degree and is available to speak on topics such as discipleship, spiritual gifts, and the fruits of the spirit.


Slewion P. Lewis is a Liberian Episcopalian Pastor. He has come to Luther to obtain an M.A. degree in Congregational Mission & Leadership. Before coming to Luther Slewion received his Bachelor’s degree in theology. Slewion enjoys playing soccer, reading and driving. While at Luther he hopes to gain more experience in ministry and leadership in the church, he hopes to engage his community in these topics when he returns to Liberia. If possible, Slewion would like to continue his studies for a Ph.D. or D.Min. He is available to speak to groups about Church Leadership, Youth & Family, and the global economy.


Chu Linging (Sue)  comes from the Protestant Church in China. Sue has come to Luther to receive her M.A. degree in Congregational Community Care. Before coming to Luther Seminary, Sue had a major in Public Relations and Advertising as an undergraduate student. She looks forward to the growth in knowledge and spiritual life she will experience during her studies at Luther. For fun, Sue enjoys badminton, traveling, and photography. When she returns to China, Sue hopes to work with the elderly, especially those who have lost their one and only child. She is available to speak about her work with and care services for the elderly.




Barson Mahafaly is a pastor in the Malagasy Lutheran Church in Madagascar. He first came to Luther in 2008 and received an M.A. in Children, Youth, and Family Ministry. In 2011 he began working towards a PH.D. in Pastoral Care and Counseling. Barson is here with his wife and three children. He enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and writing poetry in his native Malagasy. He also speaks French. After receiving his Ph.D. Barson plans to return to Madagascar to teach Pastoral Care and Counseling at the Lutheran seminary. He is available to speak about Malagasy culture, revival movements in the Malagasy Lutheran Church, and pastoral life in Madagascar.









Akinlolu "Akin" Makinwa comes to Luther from the Deeper Life Bible Church in Nigeria. He is pursuing his Ph.D. Before coming to Luther Akinlolu was working in Youth & Family ministry and completing a Ph.D. program in Youth Ministry. When he returns to Nigeria, he hopes to establish a Children, Youth, and Family Institute in an African community to promote CYF ministry and teach future CYF leaders. For fun Akinlolu enjoys reading, gardening, sigh-seeing, writing, and singing. He is happy to speak about African philosophy and the way of life called “Ubuntu” or on the topics: Holy Spirit, Holy Men, Holy Church or African Youth and Families in diaspora: Pains, Pleasures, and Prospects.


Salai Pum Za Mang is a Baptist from Mandalay, Burma (Myanmar) where he has been teaching and lecturing at the Methodist seminary, Myanmar Theological College, since 2005. Mang, as he prefers to be called, speaks Burmese, English and Chin, his mother tongue. He has come to Luther Seminary to begin work on earning a Doctorate of Philosophy in Systematic Theology. Mang earned his Master of Arts at Princeton Seminary in 2010 and would be comfortable presenting to groups about a variety of different topics related to the current situation in Burma. After graduation, Mang hopes to return to his home country and wife while continue to teach at the seminary.


Briaan Mbazuvara is an ordained Lutheran pastor from Namibia. He serves as the senior pastor of an inner city congregation in Windhoek, Namibia’s capitol and largest city. His congregation granted him a two-year leave to study Congregational and Community Care at Luther Seminary. After completing his studies here Brian will return to his congregation in order to serve them with his new knowledge and experiences. Brian would be happy to speak to groups about Namibia and the role of the church in Namibia.


Eve Mugambi

Rev. Eve Mugambi is a PHD student in Pastoral Care and Counseling from Kenya. She is ordained in the Methodist Church and speaks 3 languages: English, Kimeru and Kiswahili. Prior to coming to Luther Seminary, Eve completed a M.A. in Pastoral Counseling at Asbury Seminary in Kentucky. Eve is particularly interested in speaking to groups about her life and ministry in Kenya, life as a woman in a patriarchal society and African Traditional Religion (ATR). Upon returning home, Even plans to teach in colleges and seminaries. Eve's family is with her.




Grecious Moyo is an ELCA Pastor from Zimbabwe. He has come to Luther to obtain an M.A. degree in Congregational Community Care. Grecious enjoys soccer, baseball, music, and traveling. Prior to coming to Luther, Grecious completed his BA Honors Degree in Religious Studies and a Post Grad certificate in Development Studies. He also worked as a Chaplain along with his parish role. Upon returning to Zimbabwe, Grecious hopes to work as a trainer of trainers in Diaconal ministry. He is available to speak on the topics of politics, Peace, Justice, Reconciliation, and Conflict Management, and relationships.



F. Philip L. NuPhilip_Nushannshann, Jr. is a Liberian Lutheran who has come to Luther to study Congregational and Community Care. He has a wife and one son. Philip enjoys making friends, fishing, sports, and learning, and he is also a talented singer. Before coming to Luther, Philip worked with Liberian communities on HIV/AIDS control and prevention. He hopes to continue this work after his time at Luther. He is available to speak about his community work as well as about Liberian culture and history.




Michael Fredrick Oballa comes from Kenya and is a member of Solid Rock International Church. He has come to Luther to pursue his M.A. Degree in Children, Youth, & Family. He enjoys playing soccer, traveling, and reading novels. Before coming to Luther, Michael worked as a volunteer Sunday school teacher, did some preaching, and involved himself in visitations to hospitals and homes. When he returns to Kenya, he hopes to bring spiritual growth to his community and continue his work with Sports Outreach. He is available to speak on the topics of alcoholism, early marriages, and God’s people.



Sister M. Nkiruka Catherine Okafor is a Roman Catholic nun from Anambra State, in the South East region, Nigeria. Before coming to Luther Seminary, she was teaching in her home country. Sister Nikru speaks Igbo, English and Pidgin English. She has come to Luther to pursue a PhD in Pastoral Care and Counseling with an emphasis on youth. She loves basketball, traditional dancing, and youth ministry. She also has good organizational skills. She is comfortable talking with groups about youth ministry. She will be returning to Nigeria and opening a department for training youth ministers.




Sashinungla "Sashila" is a student from India and is affiliated with the Nagaland Baptist Church Council. Before coming to Luther Seminary, Sashila was teaching at the seminary in Nagaland, India. She has come to Luther with her husband, Imli, and their two daughters. Sashila is pursuing a Doctorate degree in History of Christianity. She enjoys gardening and cooking. Upon returning to India, Sashila hopes to resume teaching at the seminary in Nagaland.




David Schader and his wife have come to Luther from the Slovak Republic. David is affiliated with the Slovak Evangelical Church of Augsburg, and he has come to Luther to get an M.A. degree in Children, Youth, and Family Ministry. His hobbies include sports, books, movies, and music, and he plays the bass guitar. Before coming to Luther, David worked as a youth leader in his church. He hopes to return to this work in the Slovak Republic with the knowledge and experience he gains at Luther. David is available to speak about youth work in Slovakia. He is also willing to speak about the shift from communism to democracy in both church and state.



Rev. George Changlak Timlak is a Baptist pastor from the Southwest region of Cameroon. Before coming to Luther Seminary, George was working part time in a congregation and as the lead chaplain in a hospital. He has completed Luther's Master of Arts in Congregational and Community Care and is now pursuing a Master of Theology in Pastoral Care and Counseling. He speaks English and the Yamba dialect, and is affiliated with the Cameroon Baptist Convention. His hobbies include volleyball, watching sports, films and taking leisure trips. George is talented in drumming, farming and counseling and is comfortable talking to groups about caring ministry in the hospital, the love of God for mankind, and bearing one another’s burden by praying for them. He hopes to return to Cameroon and continue to work as a hospital chaplain, while training other chaplains and social workers. He also hopes to offer pastoral care in the church and wider community as a professional back home. His wife and four children are back in Cameroon.



HendHennie Wattimenaerika J Wattimena, or "Hennie," comes to Luther from central Java, one of the main Islands of Indonesia, where she taught theology at Satya Wacana Christian University and is an ordained pastor in the Protestant Church of West Indonesia. She will be working on a Masters in Congregational & Community Care while at Luther and hopes to return to teaching, pastoral care and counseling when she finishes with her studies. Including her Clinical Pastoral Education experience in Hawaii (2012), this is Hennie’s second stay in the U.S.



 Yong Park is a Presbyterian Pastor from Seoul, South Korea. He has come to Luther Seminary to pursue his M.A. Degree in Systematic Theology. Yong enjoys soccer and teaching others about soccer skills. He also likes basketball and weight-training. Before coming to Luther, Yong was working with children, preaching and teaching the Bible. He hopes to be able to deliver Luther’s Theology to Koreans. Yong is available to speak about Justification and Sanctification, Law and Gospel, or the relation of Luther and Calvin.

John S. Bidogo is from Rwanda,and affiliated with  Zion Temple, a pentecostal church in Rwanda.He is pursuing a Masters of Arts in New Testament. John attended Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) in 2007  at the University of North Dakota  ,was trained in Literacy Megacourse. He went back home and trained literacy teachers. He also taught at Kigali Institute of Education. John speaks four languages, Kinyarwanda, Swahili, French and English.He enjoys singing, reading and listening to music.He plans to teach at Bible colleges back home and  hopes to get trained in translation studies too in order to be equipped for Bible translation ministry as well .He is married and blessed with two children, a boy and a girl.