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Global Mission Institute

Northwestern Hall 110B

Fax: 651-641-3531

Volunteer Opportunities

The GMI hopes to provide hospitality for Luther Seminary International Students in as many ways possible.For students who are far from their homes, their families, and familiar daily life activities, we wish to make the transition to the U.S. as comfortable as possible. You can help us do that!

Opportunities abound for volunteers to help with transportation, sharing holiday or seasonal traditions, providing winter clothing or home furnishings, and simply being a friend. Below, you will find a few ideas for how you may want to be involved. If you have other ideas or gifts you'd like to share, please contact the GMI office (651-641-3487), Marie Hayes, International Student and Scholar Affairs Coordinator (651-641-3469) or Mary Steeber, Good Neighbors Volunteer Coordinator (651-641-3596).


Provide transportation to international students or their families for health care appointments, grocery shopping, church, or other needs.

Time Commitment: Up to two hours once a week--depending on needs. Some students would appreciate weekly trips to get groceries, but the need for transportation is only occasional and can be last minute. Volunteers are asked to be available for "on-call" assistance on occasion.

Purpose and Rationale:International Students are asked to adapt to many new situations and often do not know who or where to go for answers As they adjust to the various new cultural components of the U.S., it is often a huge burden lifted off their shoulders to not worry about finding their way to an appointment or store. In particular, students who do not have a car in the wintertime can use this support.

Supervision Plan: International Student Facilitators with assistance from the GMI and ISSA

Desired Skills: Driver's license, Auto insurance, Patience and Flexibility, Availability

Welcome ITEMS

Prepare toiletries, food, and other basic need packets for incoming International Students. 

Time Commitment:3-8 hours of buying needed items and putting them together in easy to store packages to be handed out as students arrive.

Purpose and Rationale:After a long flight and all the complications of international travel, we hope to make the first several hours of a student's stay here as comfortable as possible.Since they often have not yet had time to exchange money or look around the neighborhood, we want to provide them with basic necessities for their first day.

Supervision Plan:International Student Facilitators with assistance from the GMI and ISSA

Desired Skills: Creativity and Organization

English Language Help

Proofreading student papers or leading informal English conversation sessions.

Time commitment: 2-4 hours periodically for proofreaders or 2 hours once a week for English conversation.

Purpose and Rationale: Many students wish to ensure that not only the content of their paper is up to academic standards, but also that their class assignments are grammatically correct. A proofreader often helps a student learn the finer nuances of the English language.

The informal English conversation sessions developed because of a request from spouses and friends of Luther's international student population who were enrolled in ESL classes, but wanted additional practice and practical input to further their English skills.

Supervision Plan: For proofreaders, supervision comes from the Office of International Student and Scholar Affairs and the English conversation sessions are coordinated by the GMI.

Desired skills: English proficiency.