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Global Vision - Spring 2014

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News Notes

Dr. Peri Rasolondraibe gives annual Aus Lecture

On March 26, the annual Aus Memorial Lecture was held at Luther Seminary.

Dr. Pचri Rasolondraibe, pastor emeritus of the Antananarivo Lutheran Church in Madagascar delivered his lecture, titled "Making Disciples for Jesus." This lecture began by noting the contributions of Dr. George Aus—the emeritus faculty member for whom the lecture is named—to the Luther community and to the wider Christian world.

"Dr. Aus taught us to appreciate each other's contributions and insight in the classroom," said Rasolondraibe of Aus' understanding of his vocation as an educator in a Christian setting. "The priority in his teaching was first, discipleship; second, theological discipline; and third, one's grade."

Rasolondraibe then turned his focus to the role and life of a disciple of Jesus. "Christians are able to live the life of a disciple of Jesus faithfully and effectively when they are strongly nurtured in a solid, spiritually-based community, where the power of the living word of God is part of their daily experience and the promise of the sacramental life empowers them to walk boldly in their community in all humility and yet have the passion of sharing the love of Jesus in society."

Rasolondraibe emphasized the need for community in discipleship, stating that we must care for one another as we care for the world around us, as well as the need to be always in close relationship with Jesus. He stated that the life of a disciple is one that is always being poured out, whether or not it is abundantly full. This, he claimed, requires that disciples completely trust Jesus to provide for them. "One must trust that the sheep sent into a pack of wolves will indeed conquer those wolves, as one walks with Jesus."

To view the Aus Lecture in its entirety, please visit www.luthersem.edu/lectures/aus