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Global Vision - Fall 2009

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Meet Paul Chung, Associate Professor of Mission & World Christianity

Professor Paul S. Chung

Paul S. Chung, an ordained ELCA pastor who spent 10 years in parish ministry, joined the Luther Seminary faculty this fall as associate professor of mission and world Christianity. He comes to Luther from Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa, where he served as professor of Lutheran confessions and world Christianity. Chung is excited by the idea of helping students to become God's servants with commitment to missional discipleship. "We live in a multicultural world," he says. "I'm pleased that Luther Seminary is committed to global mission and taking seriously a challenge of world Christianity in a post-modern, multicultural context. I'm delighted to be a part of the Luther community."

Chung believes theology is a way of communicating the Word of God with our entire mind and with a heart for all, especially in solidarity with those who are marginalized or are innocent victims. "The [study of] theology is critical [to understand the] Christian belief about freedom and the love of God in Jesus Christ for all people," Chung says. "And that means that Christians are doing theology in creative engagement in the church and the public sphere. Theological witness to the living voice of God is joyous, passionate and audacious as connected with our daily life."

Chung believes that we are called to witness to God's justifying grace. "Theology does not fall from the heavens. It engages tradition of faith community as well as public issues in social-cultural location. As co-workers of God, we are grasped, challenged and surprised in light of God's missional activity of communication through religious outsiders and God's minority people (minjung)," he says.

He notes that in today's world, Christianity must be a joyous witness to the living voice of God in the world to which God is reconciled in Jesus Christ. As a mission community, Christianity is more than an institutionalized entity.

Chung considers the disciplines of theology and hermeneutics to be allies that should work together in an age of world Christianity. "God is the creator and the redeemer in one—the faith community and the world stand before God's universal reign, serving together for universal peace, social justice and recognition of religious others," he says.

A bio and profile of Dr. Chung are available.