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Global Vision - Spring 2010

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Director's Corner

In Thanksgiving

I continue to be grateful to our Lord for all of you. You have continued to support us at the Global Mission Institute with your prayers, encouragement and financial resources during these times of financial stress and uncertainty. The GMI continues to be a strong and vibrant presence at Luther Seminary and in accompaniment with our partner institutions around the world.

As my contract with Luther Seminary comes to a close, so does my position as the GMI director. It is with sorrow that I leave this fine institution, but I am also very pleased to report that the last two years have seen several significant advancements:

  • We completed a comprehensive strategic plan for the GMI

  • We have found new and important ways to walk with our international students and support them in their profound desire to thrive in their studies at Luther

  • We had the privilege of sponsoring two Schiotz Visiting Scholars, Dr. Samuel Ngun Ling of Myanmar and Dr. Nalini Arles of India—both of whom brought important missional insights to our community

  • We have stabilized the organization and financial reporting systems of the GMI, vis-a-vis Luther Seminary

  • We have initiated connections with local immigrant and refugee worshipping communities

  • And very important indeed, we have been the venue for hospitality as we received dozens of visitors from churches around the world

All of these things, and more, happen because of your prayers and commitment, as well as the exceptional work of the GMI's Chenar Howard and very talented student workers (during the last year, Elizabeth Flomo, M.Div. senior, and Michelle de Beauchamp, M.Div. middler). We owe these and others a great vote of thanks for all their fine work. I thank God for them.

As the new academic year comes around, we can anticipate some changes. There will be a new director and once again full support staff. This reflects an ongoing commitment from the seminary to the important work of the GMI.

May God bless you all, and bless the work of the GMI.

Steven Häggmark
Director, Global Mission Institute

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