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Global Vision - Spring 2010

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International Students Complete Studies

Several international students are expected to complete their studies at Luther Seminary this spring and summer. We congratulate them and pray that God will continue to lead and strengthen them for the ministry to which they are called.

Christoffer Ahlback (Sweden)- Non-degree
Mesfin Ayele (Ethiopia/Britain)- M.A.
Samuel Barbay Gaye, Jr. (Liberia)- M.Div.
Dennis Gelinek (Germany)- M.A.
Faith Lugazia (Tanzania)- Ph.D.
Barson Mahafaly (Madagascar)- M.A.
Noreen Nazir (Pakistan)- M.A.
Halise Ozdemir (Turkey)- M.A.
Joseph Roberts, Sr. (Liberia)- M.A.
Johannes Swart (South Africa)- Ph.D.
Bjornar Tho (Norway)- Non-degree