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Global Vision - Fall 2008

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Director's Corner

A Letter from the Director

"So he came and proclaimed peace to you who were far off and peace to those who were near."  Ephesians 2:17

Your prayers and commitment to the work of the Global Mission Institute (GMI) has brought new vitality to our sense of mission in the global church, both far off and near. As you read the articles and news in this issue of Global Vision, please note how varied and significant your/our GMI work really is.


Our work together creates Awareness. I draw your attention to the awareness of the challenges faced by the global church brought by the presence of the Schiotz Visiting Professors for 2008 and 2009 - Rev. Dr. Samuel Ngun Ling of Myanmar Institute of Theology and Dr. Nalini Arles of United Theological College in Bangalore, India.


Hospitality makes it possible for Luther Seminary to fulfill its global mission commitment to educate Christian leaders for Christian communities throughout God's world.  Global Vision highlights the experiences and Christian commitment of Rev. Lydia Weagba from Liberia.  Our 49 international students, like Lydia, enrich us beyond measure.


We are able to Network with students, teachers and institutions throughout the world as we walk together in God's mission.  Dr. Terence Fretheim's experiences in Malaysia, recounted in the lead article, reflect our ongoing commitment to forging new and mutually rewarding academic experiences with partners throughout the world.


Your prayer and support help us all to Understand the challenges and opportunities that characterize our global Christianity. Working for understanding, peace, justice, and reconciliation is exemplified in the commitments of Luther's Marie Hayes as she helps lead Minnesota's Liberian community in the struggle for truth and reconciliation.


Awareness, Hospitality, Networking, and Understanding - these are the key words of the Mission Statement and Vision of the Global Mission Institute. Our connection with Luther Seminary gives us unique opportunities and a distinctive mission in the church. Your prayers, donations and support for the GMI are making a profound difference. As we envision our future work, and reflect in this issue of Global Vision upon the work being done, we invite you to contact us for further information and to arrange for a GMI representative to speak in your congregations and for your interest groups.

Steven Häggmark
Director, Global Mission Institute