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Global Vision - Spring 2011

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GMI Insights

A Time of Transition for the GMI

Roland Martinson, Academic Dean

Greetings from the Global Mission Institute at Luther Seminary and welcome to Global Vision Online!

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Like our Minnesota weather passing from winter to spring, the Global Mission Institute continues to experience transition. In February, our interim director, the Rev. Orin Cummings, accepted a full-time congregational call in Missouri. With that change, Luther Seminary continues the search for the next director of the Global Mission Institute/Cross-Cultural Education (GMI/CCE) while continuing to rely on the presence and dedication of Chenar Howard, GMI program and relations coordinator, and Elizabeth Flomo, GMI/CCE project coordinator.
A New Day

Currently, we are in a process of discerning what the role of the director of the Global Mission Institute/Cross-Cultural Education might fully entail. The possibilities place us in a time that is exciting and interesting, yet challenging.

We are in a generative place, with much thought being put into who may be the best person to lead the GMI/CCE in the future. We must pay close attention to what is going on in the world, in the church and at Luther Seminary. We are faced with questions like, "What is and will be the role of domestic mission? Of global mission?" and "What developments do we need to be aware of in the realm of missiology?" All these things will impact who we are and what we do.

It will be a new day for the GMI, but that new day will continue to be grounded in Luther Seminary's dedication to the church in mission. A deep theological and biblical understanding of mission is a core attribute of Luther Seminary. The GMI is a place that daily lives out and lifts up this call to mission. Luther Seminary is dedicated to preparing Christian leaders for the world and the GMI will continue to be a critical partner in preparing evangelical missional public leaders, as it has always been.

Living out the Realities of Today

In the midst of transition and preparation in calling a new director, daily life goes on. The GMI remains a place of hospitality for the international student community, currently numbering 59 students, and more than 100 people when you include the students' families. The GMI, Cross-Cultural Education and the Mission and World Christianity programs continue to nurture the organic relationship which exists amongst them. These relationships are essential in considering the role cultural intelligence plays in a student's ability to engage the other, in whatever area of ministry, or the world, they will be called.

Through partnership with the cross-cultural program, the GMI is able to be more attentive to developing students' intercultural leadership skills.  This relationship has also led to an increased awareness of and responsiveness to Luther Seminary's distributed learning community (M.Div. and M.A. in Children, Youth and Family Ministry).

Thanks and Prayers

As always, we are thankful for the strong prayers and support the GMI continues to receive from members and friends.


Roland Martinson
Academic Dean
Luther Seminary