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Global Vision - Fall 2011

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Graduate Preaching Fellowship opens new vistas

by Kevin Busch, Communication Intern

Amber Marten Bergeson, 2010 recipient

Shortly after Amber Marten Bergeson completed seminary in May 2010, she was married and then traveling with husband Kevin Bergeson, '07, on a year-long, whirlwind preaching fellowship that brought them to eight locations around the world.

Marten Bergeson was the 2010 recipient of the Graduate Preaching Fellowship a post-graduation capstone fellowship for overseas study focusing on preaching. As part of the fellowship, the couple travelled to Hong Kong; Istanbul, Jerusalem, England, Sweden, Norway and Los Angeles.

Marten Bergeson documented the many places and people she and Kevin met on her blog, visualpreacher.wordpress.com. The blog contains hundreds of digital photos and anecdotes detailing their many adventures, which include being in Norway during the shootings at a Norwegian youth camp, floating in the Dead Sea and attending a peace protest in Jerusalem.

Kirsten Laderach, 2011 recipient

The 2011 Graduate Preaching Fellowship recipient is Kirsten Laderach. She will travel to India, South Africa and Israel/Palestine. Her inspiration for the fellowship comes from a desire to "find ways to justly speak about division and prejudice." 

On her blog, Laderach wrote, "I would like to travel to places in the world that are known for their extreme examples of division and separation. I'd like to be present to different contexts, all at various points on the spectrum of reconciliation and willingness to confront division." 

She will focus on socio-economic division in India, racial division in South Africa and religious division in Israel/Palestine. Her goal is to bring her learnings back to a North American context. Follow her journey of seeking justice amongst prejudice at cacophonyandrhyme.wordpress.com

About the Graduate Preaching Fellowship

The Graduate Preaching Fellowship offers a unique opportunity for a student to spend a year in another culture for reflection and skill strengthening in the art of preaching in preparation for parish ministry in the United States. The primary intent of the award is to afford the student freedom for the study of preaching and time for other experiences related to preaching and worship. It is supported annually by a generous gift from an anonymous donor.

The insights and experiences gained by association with other cultures are meant to broaden one's understanding of preaching in the whole of Christ's church and will contribute significantly to one's preaching in a congregational setting.