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Global Vision - Fall 2011

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Immigration and the American church topic of Burgess Lecture

On Tues., Oct. 11, Dr. Jehu J. Hanciles presented the 2011 Andrew S. Burgess Lecture in Global Mission on "'Treasure in Earthen Vessels': Immigration, Religion and the American Church." The lecture will be archived online for viewing.

Hanciles is an associate professor of history of Christianity and globalization, and director of the Center for Missiological Research at Fuller Seminary's School of Intercultural Studies.

Born in Sierra Leone, Hanciles came to Fuller as a scholar with Fuller's Global Research Institute in 1998, and joined the faculty full-time in 2000 after serving in an adjunct capacity. A significant component of Dr. Hanciles' teaching and research focuses on the history, experiences, and expressions of Christianity in the non-Western world. Hanciles was born and raised Anglican, but has been connected or involved with a variety of Christian traditions over the past 15 years.

Hanciles has lived and worked in Sierra Leone, Scotland, Zimbabwe and the U.S. He has written and published books and articles mainly on issues related to mission and globalization as well as African Christianity. Recently he contributed a chapter to the book, "African Christian Presence in the West: New Immigrant Congregations and Transnational Networks in North America and Europe," Africa World Press, 2001. The editors are former GMI director and Luther Seminary professor Frieder Ludwig and the 2007 Visiting Schiotz Professor, J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu.

The Andrew S. Burgess Lecture in Global Mission is tasked with interpreting today's global mission in light of the Christian tradition, the historical experience of the church and the contemporary situation in the world.

To view more information about the this lecture or to view past lectures, visit www.luthersem.edu/lectures/burgess.