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Global Vision - Spring 2012

GMI Insights

Easter Greetings from the Global Mission Institute

Spring is a time of transition, and so it is with the GMI. Chenar Howard is transitioning to work more closely with the Director of the Office of International Student and Scholar Affairs, though she will continue to work with the GMI office. A significant impact of this transition is that cultural adjustment and retention services for international students will now be fully housed in Student Affairs.

What's next for the GMI? Read on.

Alum Profile

Amy Swenson's global mission experiences shape her call to ministry

Halfway through her studies as a Master of Arts student at Luther Seminary, Amy Swenson, '10, took a leave of absence to spend a year in South Africa as a participant in the ELCA's Young Adults in Global Mission program. Now, as she furthers her theological studies as a Master of Divinity student, this decision continues to inform her call to ministry.

GMI Member Profile

Duane Olson and Connie Beck share a lifelong commitment to Lutheran missions

Speaking to the question, "What is the GMI's role at Luther Seminary?" Duane Olson says, "The Christian faith is by its very nature missionary. If that is true, then the missionary nature of its faith must be highly determinative in shaping the church's theology, life, message, mission and structure."

Love All Around the World III

Five classically trained musicians will graciously donate their time and talents to offer "Love All Around the World III," a benefit concert for the Global Mission Institute.

The concert will take place on Saturday, May 12 at 6:30 p.m. at Luther Seminary's Chapel of the Incarnation in the Olson Campus Center.

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