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Global Vision - Spring 2014

Director's Corner

Easter greetings from the Global Mission Institute!

Significant changes and exciting transitions continue to take place at the GMI. As I move on to the next chapter of my life, I plan to finish my term as interim director of the GMI at the end of June. I encourage you to stay in touch with the GMI and to watch for developments and news concerning its future.

Contextual education provides unique view of God’s world

Practicing ministry and developing one's leadership in a particular context—whether in a congregation or in a faith-based organization—is central to the learning goals of contextual education at Luther Seminary.

GMI Member Profile

Music with a mission: A tradition of generosity

When Paul and Helen Baumgartner began their marriage by applying to be missionary teachers in Japan, they jumped headfirst into two lifelong passions: music and global mission. At the Miyagi Women's College in Sendai, Japan, they taught courses ranging from music appreciation, piano and beginning violin to English conversation and Bible study.

AGORA at GMI: Change, change and more change!

We live in a time of many and massive migrations. These migrations are dramatically impacting large cities and rural areas around the world. Close to home, Minnesota's foreign-born population rose from 2.6 percent in 1990 to 7.3 percent in 2011.

News Notes

Dr. Peri Rasolondraibe gives annual Aus Lecture

On March 26, the annual Aus Memorial Lecture was held at Luther Seminary. Dr. Pचri Rasolondraibe, pastor emeritus of the Antananarivo Lutheran Church in Madagascar delivered his lecture, titled "Making Disciples for Jesus."

Kyle Svennungsen, M.Div. Intern, Slovakia

Amelia Decker: New Zealand

Rebecca Gamble, M.Div. Intern, Malaysia