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Global Vision - Spring 2009

Rev. Paul Gao Feng

Luther Seminary Graduate Leads China Christian Council

Rev. Paul Gao Feng, a native of China's Shandong province, graduated from Luther Seminary in 1997 with a Master of Theology degree in church history. In January 2008, he received the prestigious appointment of president of the China Christian Council (CCC). This umbrella organization, founded in 1980, unites Chinese Christians around their belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; provides theological education; publishes Bibles, hymnals and other religious literature; and fosters information sharing among local churches.

Director's Corner

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International Student Profile

Seminary a Family Tradition

For the Park family, the old adage "it's a small world after all," really is true. Three of the four sisters in the Park family have left their home in Seoul, South Korea and now live in the Twin Cities.

But what really makes it a small world for their family is that the three sisters all have husbands who have studied or are currently students at Luther Seminary. Perhaps even more amazing is
that along with their husbands, Mikyoung, the eldest of the four Park sisters, has also found herself immersed in a theological education at Luther Seminary.

GMI Member Profile

Sylvia Johnson Finds Call in Mission

Growing up in a family that was frequently the guest home to missionaries, it is only fitting that Sylvia Johnson married a man whose proposal included, "Wherever we go, it will probably be overseas, probably in mission, and you'll have to carry lots of water!"

Cross Cultural Experience to China: God, Mount Emei and Me

Q&A with Dr. Nalini Arles

M.A. Student Leads Trip to Jerusalem: Three Faiths, Two Countries, One Hope for Peace

Luther Seminary to Display the He Qi/"Women of Hope" Quilt

International Students Complete Studies