GMI Resources

While hosting on-campus programs for students and the seminary community remains a priority, the GMI also strives to find ways to encourage global awareness outside the seminary, specifically within area congregations.  As congregations and their members become more missionally-minded and involved both locally and globally, the role of the GMI is changed.  Below are highlights of the various avenues through which the GMI has been, and continues to be, involved in this effort.

Congregational Resources

The GMI helps to link congregations to the wider dimension of world Christianity by providing resources, encouraging participation in mission opportunities, and promoting enthusiasm for their individual ministries.

World Christianity Book Series


Links And Resource Agencies

An important role of the GMI is connecting the seminary and congregations with the multitude of Christian, and non-denominational, mission organizations and agencies, many of which are located within the Twin Cities.  This is a listing of some of those whom the GMI has partnered with throughout the years, although it is not an exhaustive list.  Of course, the ELCA, and the Minneapolis and Saint Paul Area Synods, contain a plethora of resources themselves.

Donating Books to International Libraries

The GMI is committed to providing support, including financial, for the collection and sending of theological books to overseas institutions in support of clergy and lay training. Inidividuals and Christian organizations are invited to donate books to the seminary Library, as well as gifts of money to help with shipping costs and other expenses.


Luther Seminary also offers an online Resource Guide for congregations.