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Sunday, March 03, 2013

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We walk by faith and not by sight;
With gracious words draw near,
O Christ, who spoke as none e'er spoke:
"My peace be with you here."

In perhaps the most quoted chapter Paul ever wrote, he said that in this life we see in a mirror dimly. Larry Rasmussen, in his newest book, "Earth-Honoring Faith," describes our current situation as one in which every life system is in decline while accompanied by "that wildest of wild cards, accelerated and extreme climate change. What that means for all life systems ... we only dimly perceive through a smoky glass."

The hymn writer's less graphic language expresses a similar thought: we walk by faith and not by sight. But that is not to walk blindly. Neither is seeing in a mirror dimly or looking through a smoky glass a counsel of despair. Rather each represents honesty about our current situation and to see, through the eyes of faith, what we cannot see with our eyes—the presence of God at work throughout our Lenten journey.

Walk with us and give us your peace. Amen.

Randy Nelson
Professor Emeritus of Contextual Education, Luther Seminary

“We Walk By Faith and Not by Sight,” ELW 635

1 We walk by faith and not by sight;
with gracious words draw near,
O Christ, who spoke as none e'er spoke:
"My peace be with you here."

2 We may not touch your hands and side,
nor follow where you trod;
but in your promise we rejoice,
and cry, "My Lord and God!"

3 Help then, O Lord, our unbelief;
and may our faith abound
to call on you when you are near
and seek where you are found:

4 That, when our life of faith is done,
in realms of clearer light
we may behold you as you are,
with full and endless sight.

This God Pause daily devotion is brought to you by the alumni of Luther Seminary.