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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

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To be vindicated is to be set free from allegation or blame of wrongdoing. Vindication is the act of defending someone against criticism or censure. Like the psalmist there are times we find ourselves overwhelmed by the negativity of those who choose to take offense where none is intended, by those who traffic in rumor and hearsay. We may feel helpless in the face of such turmoil, but we are not powerless. We can follow the example of the psalmist and call upon our Vindicator in prayer, a God whose saving power is shown to us in steadfast love, a God who provides refuge in a place of safety.

Holy God, when stress overwhelms, and accusing voices seem to prevail, hear my cry. Until the time when truth prevails, continue to shelter me in the shadow of your wings and renew my strength. Amen.

Leslie Jane Fox
Pastor, Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church, Springfield, Ohio
Master of Divinity , 2003

Psalm 17:1-9 (NRSV)

1 Hear a just cause, O Lord; attend to my cry; give ear to my prayer from lips free of deceit.
2 From you let my vindication come; let your eyes see the right.
3 If you try my heart, if you visit me by night, if you test me, you will find no wickedness in me; my mouth does not transgress.
4 As for what others do, by the word of your lips I have avoided the ways of the violent.
5 My steps have held fast to your paths; my feet have not slipped.
6 I call upon you, for you will answer me, O God; incline your ear to me, hear my words.
7 Wondrously show your steadfast love, O savior of those who seek refuge from their adversaries at your right hand.
8 Guard me as the apple of the eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings,
9 from the wicked who despoil me, my deadly enemies who surround me.

This God Pause daily devotion is brought to you by the alumni of Luther Seminary.