General Degree Requirements - Master of Theology degree

  1. A total of six courses (or the equivalent number of courses and half courses) plus an approved thesis are required for the degree.

  2. Of the six courses, at least four must be taken in the area of major concentration; two courses may be taken as electives (in any area, including the area of concentration).

  3. Course requirements specific to areas of concentration are listed here.

  4. Only courses passed with a grade of B or better may receive graduate credit and only courses designated for graduate credit may apply toward the degree.

  5. No more than three courses taken as a post-master of divinity/master of arts special student may apply toward the degree.

  6. The normal course load is three courses per semester.

  7. Master of theology degree students in residence may petition the Advisory Committee on Graduate Theological Education ("Graduate Committee") to participate in doctor of philosophy degree seminars. Decisions are made individually based on space available in the seminars, the academic potential of the petitioners and the permission of the instructor. Continuation in the seminars depends on maintaining a grade of B or above. Credit earned in the seminars can apply to the core requirement for the master of theology degree if taken within the studen'ts concentration. View and print the petition form here.

  8. Master of divinity or master of arts degree seniors wishing graduate credit must inform the registrar and the instructor of the course in writing at the time of registration. Such course work can later be accepted toward the degree only with the approval of the Graduate Committee. Students may not apply graduate credits toward two degrees, nor may graduate credit status in a course be granted retroactively.