Language Requirements - Master of Theology degree

Proficiency in English is assumed of all students. Students whose work demonstrates they are not prepared to write an acceptable English thesis are required to make up this deficiency (normally at their own expense) prior to the acceptance of their thesis proposal.

Students are required to pass one written examination in Latin or a modern research language other than the student's native tongue. Normally this examination is in French, German, or Spanish.  Students wishing to be examined in a language other than those listed above must petition the Graduate Committee for permission to do so.

Students in Congregational Mission and Leadership may use demonstrated proficiency in social scientific research methods to satisfy the requirement.

International students whose native language is other than English may use English as a research language by passing an examination in English composition. International students may contact the Office of Graduate Theological Education for information on the English composition requirement.

The language examination for all students must be completed before the thesis proposal is submitted.

  1. Language examinations are administered by the Office of Graduate Theological Education during the week prior to the start of the fall and spring semesters. Dictionaries and grammars may be used.
  2. The criterion for a passing grade is the demonstrated ability to make regular research use of the language.

Knowledge of the biblical languages, required for students in Bible, is demonstrated by transcripts and in course work.