Ph.D. Concentration:

Pastoral Care and Counseling

The Ph.D. concentration in Pastoral Care and Counseling at Luther Seminary is designed for persons who wish to explore the dynamic intersection of psychology, pastoral care, and practical theology.

Students in our program come from all over the world to prepare for service in seminaries, congregations, church-wide organizations, the larger academy, and the public arena.

Social Science Meets Theology

Our program prepares students to teach, supervise, conduct research, and design programs—all crucial for future scholars and practitioners in a cultural and academic context that calls for deep integration of the social sciences with biblically informed and theologically grounded faith.

Faculty emphasize this integration intentionally, and each class is designed to encourage students to go beyond parallel learnings in the social sciences and theology to discern both commonalities and divergences in the study of human nature and practical theology.

Our seminar format, attention to individual goals, and opportunities to conduct guided research and to teach on campus all begin the process of each student's participation in this on-going, cross-disciplined conversation.

We are a residential community, in which formal studies combine with daily worship and an emphasis on discipleship.

Areas of emphasis include aging, youth and family, and congregational health.