Transfer of Credits

After successful completion of the entrance examinations, a student may petition the Graduate Committee to transfer a maximum of three courses of previously earned graduate credit from Luther Seminary (including satellite centers) or other accredited institutions. Transfer of this credit requires the approval of the Graduate Committee. Petitions of non-routine matters require the signature of the advisor before being presented to the Graduate Committee.

M.Th. students at Luther Seminary who are admitted during their first year of M.Th. studies to the Ph.D. program and who move directly into the Ph.D. program without completing the M.Th. degree can petition to transfer one full year of applicable M.Th. course work into the Ph.D. program (up to six courses, with grade of B or above, at least four courses of which would need to be taken at the Ph.D. level). This credit can include Ph.D. core seminars taken as an M.Th. student with the permission of the instructor and the Graduate Committee. Two years of full-time Ph.D. tuition charges will apply as stated under "Residence" on the Ph.D. page.