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Karen Treat

Parish Nurse

Pastor Office Suite, Olson Campus Center



Take the Long Way!

Increasing your steps

Increasing your walking is the easiest, most natural way to raise your activity level and boost your metabolism. Find simple ways to increase the number of steps you walk each day, and you'll be amazed at how your health will benefit.

Try taking the long way a few times, and you'll start thinking of other ways you can add more steps to your journey.

We sent some of our best Luther Seminary walkers out with pedometers to pace out the steps from various campus locations. See how taking the long way can add steps to your daily count!

Route The Long Way The Short Way

OCC to Gullixson

Around Bockman:
317 steps

208 steps

OCC to Northwestern

Down the hill and enter on the first floor:
361 steps

234 steps

OCC to Stub

Through Northwestern and out the back door through the parking lot:
471 steps

339 steps

Parking lot to Bockman

Stub parking lot to Bockman:
559 steps

From the OCC:
145 steps