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Karen Treat

Parish Nurse

Pastor Office Suite, Olson Campus Center



Neighborhood Walks 

At Luther Seminary, we're big on walking. We have a large and beautiful campus tucked away in a delightful neighborhood with plenty of routes that make for a pleasant walk.

We sent out some enthusiastic Healthy Leaders walkers to map out some of their favorite walking routes and, wearing pedometers, they found out how many steps they were able to chalk up toward their daily goal of 10,000 steps. (All routes begin and end at the Olson Campus Center.) Click on the thumbnails below for bigger, printable maps of these routes:

The Southern

2400 steps
1 mile
The North Hood
Easy Beat

2900 steps
1.3 miles
The C-street

3200 steps
1.7 miles
The South
Hood Stride

4500 steps
2.1 miles
The Lauderdale
6000 steps
2.8 miles
The Big E
6800 steps
3.2 miles
The University
Triple Loop
7500 steps
3.5 miles
The Meta

6700 steps
2.8 miles
The Mega Meta
8800 steps
3.7 miles

HAVE your own favorite walk?

If you have your own favorite walk, but don't know how many miles it is, there's an easy way to find out! Try MapMyRun

What is it?

  • A free interactive mapping tool that can help you plot out your desired route and get a readout of the distance.
  • Offers calculators that can approximate the number of calories your workout burns, based on whether you walk, run or bike your route.
  • A great motivational site for tracking all your fitness progress.